MMMM – Sept 12, 2011 – The Ladies Sing, Pt. 2

It’s been a pretty incredible year so far for the ladies … not counting instrumental jazz records, I’ve logged 26 records this year alone – and 45 y-t-d going back to the summer of 2010 … and there’s still two months to go until all of this year’s titles are accounted for.

Titles by Colorado women this year to date.

Bonnie and The Clydes – Bonnie And The Clydes (Feb-11)
Cassie Taylor – Blue (Aug-11)
Danya River – Danya River (Jan-11)
DELLA – Anymore/Not That Simple (Things I Do) [singles] (Mar-11)
The Dirty Lookers – Audio Voyeur (Aug-11)
Driftwood Fire – How to Untangle a Heartache (Sep-11)
Elephant Revival – Break in the Clouds (Nov-10)
Finnders & Youngberg – FY5 (Apr-11) *various cuts feature Erin Youngberg*
Hazel Miller – Come to You Live …. From KUVO (Jun-11)
I’m With Her – I’m With Her [ep] (Jun-11) *features Angie Stevens*
Jami Lunde – Big Black Birds (Jun-11)
Kal Cahoone – Saints and Scars (May-11)
Katey Laurel – From Here (Jan-11)
Kim Jones – Lucky Girl (Jul-11)
The Love Royale – Love Letters (Nov-10)
Mandy Harvey – After You’re Gone (Dec-10)
Molly Cottrell – Molly Cottrell (Apr-11) *has since moved to Los Angeles*
Natalie Walker – Spark (Jun-11) *not yet added to The Colorado Sound library*
The Patti Fiasco – The Patti Fiasco (Jul-11)
Rene Marie – Voice Of My Beautiful Country (Apr-11) *has since relocated to Georgia*
The Raven and the Writing Desk – Bonedale [EP] (Sep-11)
Roniit – Roniit (Sep-11)
Tennis – Cape Dory (Jan-11)
Tennis – Is It True? [single] (Jul-11)
Wendy Woo Band – Austerity (Jun-11)
The Whiskey Bottles – Ain’t No Crime (Apr-11) *features Molly Orlando*

Here are three more of the fabulous releases that have come out this past year.

The Patti Fiasco – The Patti Fiasco (self) Genre/Style:  alternative country
Produced by The Patti Fiasco
Production credits:
Colin Bricker and Mario Casilio at Mighty Fine Productions, Denver = 1.  Nobody’s Girl, 3.  You Break it, You buy it, 4.  I should Know, 7.  Someone Tell Me
Jason Larson at Backbone Studio, Loveland CO = 6.  Wyoming is for Lovers
Darren Radach at Stout Studio, Fort Collins, CO = 2.  Bottle of Wine, 5.  Pam & Caroline, 8.  Electric Smile, 9.  Never, 10.  Only Goodbye, 11.  Hot Blood & Backbone, 12.  Plainsong
All tracks mixed and mastered by Colin Bricker at Mighty Fine Productions, Denver
The Patti Fiasco is:
Alysia Kraft (vocals, acoustic guitar)
Niles Mischke (bass)
Ansel Foxley (vocals, electric dobro)
Scott Clabby (vocals, drums)
Dee Tyler (vocals, electric guitar)
Focus Tracks:
1. Nobody’s Girl
2. You Break It, You Buy It
3. Wyoming Is For Lovers

Wendy Woo Band – Austerity (woomusic) Genre/Style:  contemporary adult
Released/added: June 2011
Produced by: Mitch DeZwarte, Christopher Maestas, Wendy Woo
Recorded by/at: Mitch DeZwarte, Charles Snyder, Wendy Woo at Home Studio
Mixed by/at: Mitch DeZwarte at Home Studio
Mastered by/at: Mitch DeZwarte at Home Studio
Featured musicians:
Wendy Woo (vocals, acoustic, electric, slide and solo guitar,  keyboards)
Robin Hoch  (vocals, acoustic guitar, viola)
Christopher Maestas (electric guitar, drums)
Mitch DeZwarte (bass, piano)
David Derby (drums)
Focus Tracks:
1. Drunk In Love
2. Walk Along the Water
3. Say Goodbye

Roniit – Roniit (self) Genre/Style:  electro-pop
Released: 16 June 2011
Produced by: Roniit with the assistance of Eric W. Brown
Mixed by: Eric W. Brown.
Mastered at: The Bomb Shelter in Nashville, TN by Andrija Tokic.
Featured musicians:
Roniit (vocals)
David York (guitar)
Joey Truscelli (guitar on “Home”)
Malcolm Pugh (guitar solo on “You Were Trained”)
Focus Tracks:
1. Now or Never
2. You Were Trained

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