The Colorado Sound S7 EP43 NOV 2013

chris pic Nov 9 2013The big take-a-ways from the Denver Music Summit – be REMARKABLE, build and control a substantial email list, and “you can’t manage what you don’t measure.”  You’d think these would be concepts ingrained in the psyche of every kid who has ever aspired to play the stage at Red Rocks … well, maybe not the measure and manage part LOL.  That’s more management 101, than guitar shredding 101.

We’re living in an era of more new music, put out more frequently, than at any time in history.  There are more bands (artists), more places to play, and more stations than ever broadcasting and talking about music from here in Colorado.

As I get ready to begin the final month of the 7th season of the show,  and this being the last week in November, I am terribly thankful for the stations that air the show, the musicians who make the music I play on the show, and you for listening and supporting Colorado music (and for reading my rants and ramblings here).  Thank you.

I still get folks asking if they can hear the show online, or download it as a podcast.  No, I don’t podcast – and yes, you can stream the show when the stations broadcast it (except KFVR Pueblo – they don’t stream).  If you’d like, you can also go to The Colorado Sound Live365 for a continuous stream of what I think is some of the best of what’s in my library.  Nights rock a little harder than days, and days go back in time a bit further than nights.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be busy culling data for the year end charts, and the Best of 2013 show which will get aired Dec 28-Jan 3.  Check local listings here for a time and station near you … if you’re one of the “loyals” and believe you’ve got a firm handle on what went on musically this past year, I’d like you to reach out to me directly at

Bumped into some friends at the Denver Music Summit this weekend … new music is one the way from AdrienneO, and I’ll have new tracks to share with you next week from Bop Skizzum and Katie Laurel – along with an exclusive debut by Katie Glassman and Snapshot – and I’m very very pleased to announce that I’ll have the exquisite pleasure of breaking new music from Jesse Furay Lynch …and I’ll introduce you to the music of an award winning Canadian artist who now makes Denver his home.  

As there wasn’t a lot of new music in the show this week, and what was new I couldn’t find on Soundcloud or Bandcamp (my preferred way to share btw) – so shares this week from a new records that came out earlier this year … enjoy … and welcome to the show 🙂

VIDEO PICK OF THE WEEK:  SuCh is an award winning actress, singer, and songwriter from Denver, by way of Chicago, by way of NYC, by way of Haitian immigrants.  Her story, as reported by Westword in Feb 2012, is worth the read.  

PLAYLIST S7 EP43 Nov 2013

The Monocles “The Spider & the Fly” from The Spider & the Fly (1966)
The Higher Elevation “The Diamond Mine” from The Diamond Mine (1967)
Lothar & the Hand People “Machines” from Presenting… (1968)
AdrienneO “Innocence” from Superchromatic (2013)
A Boy and His Kite “You Want It, You Got It” from A Boy and His Kite (2012)
Kinetix “Never Too Late” from Never too Late (2013)The Belle Jar “Union Station” from Union Station (2013)
Bare Bones “Come In/Stay Out” from Bare Bones (2011)
Esme Patterson “Jessica” from All Princes, I (2012)
You Me and Apollo “Oh My Molly” from You Me and Apollo (2012)
Instant Empire “Cadillac Road” from Keep Up! (2013)(D) Honey Don’t “Breaking Down” from Heart Like a Wheel (2013)
Drew Emmitt “Tangled Up In Blue” from Freedom Ride (2002)
Brad Goode “Reverse the Charges” from Tight Like This (2010)
Bob Lind “How Dare you Love Me” from Finding You Again (2013)
(N) Poco “Neil Young” from All Fired Up (2013)
The Apples in Stereo “Strawberryfire” from Her Wallpaper Reverie (1999)
Andy Palmer “Good Son” from Hazard of the Die (2013)
Elephant Revival “Grace of A Woman” from These Changing Skies (2013)
(N) Megan Burtt & SHEL “Sweet Mystery” from In Good Company: Megan Burtt & Friends – the Colorado Sessions Vol. 1 (2014)
Andy Hackbarth “My Baby Don’t Run” from Treadmill Horses (2013)Yo, Flaco! “American Music” from Goin’ At It (2002)
Flobots “The Rose and the Thistle” from The Circle in the Square (2012)
Railsplitters “Jackson Town” from The Railsplitters (2013)
Kevin Dooley “Silvery Moon” from Moonlight Highway (2011)
Slim Cessna’s Auto Club “Viceroy Filter King” from Always Say Please and Thank You (2000)
Manuel Lopez Trio “Samba Grubinho” from Searching Out (2013)

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