2022 COLORADO TOP 50 Airplay

WELCOME to the 13th Annual “Best” of Colorado music for 2022.

Every Sunday I survey over a dozen community/public and college stations, including Colorado Playlist spins on respective stations.  The survey period is from the first week ending with a Saturday through the last week ending with a Saturday.  Titles are linked to its respective YouTube page.

I track titles from its Date of Release, for one calendar year. Any spins a title received in the current year (2022) stays with that title. Example: DOR = July 2021. I stopped tracking it in July 2022. But all the spins the title received from Jan 2022-July 2022 are counted.

Spin data pulled from the Colorado Playlist105.5 The Colorado SoundIndie 102.3 and eleven Colorado radio stations that use playlist generator Spinitron; designed to benefit non-commercial community/public and college radio stations and offering advanced search functions for artists and agents.


2. THE LUMINEERS – Brightside LP (Jan-22)
3. ALYSIA KRAFT – First Light LP (Jun-22)
4. EUFORQUESTRA – While We Still Got Time LP (Jun-22)
— FAN/LISTENER FAVORITE Duo or Group Vocal Performance for Show Me The Way
5. GREENSKY BLUEGRASS – Stress Dreams LP (Jan-22)
6. DAVID STARR – Touchstones LP (Sep-21)
7. YONDER MOUNTAIN STRING BAND – Get Yourself Outside LP (Feb-22)
— FAN/LISTENER FAVORITE Bluegrass Song of the Year for Into the Fire
8. MIKE CLARK & THE SUGAR SOUNDS – Moon Rock LP (Mar-22)
— Colorado Playlist Rock Album of the Year
9. THE INFAMOUS STRINGDUSTERS – Toward the Fray LP (Jan-22)
10. FAST EDDY – Take A Look LP (Jan-22)
11. ERIK LUNDE – Water From a Stone LP (Jan-22)
— FAN/LISTENER FAVORITE – Album of the Year
— FAN/LISTENER FAVORITE – Folk Song of the Year for Lonesome Traveler

12. BEVIN LUNA – Madison and Angelus LP (Jun-22)
13. TRASH CAT – The Tide LP (Dec-21)
14. THE VELVETEERS – Nightmare Daydream LP (Jul-21)
15. JYEMO CLUBEpocha EP (Aug-22)
16. SWEET VIRGINIA – Leaving Again LP (Feb-22)
17. THE CROOKED RUGS – That! LP (Nov-21)
17. MUSKETEER GRIPWEED – Long Past Time LP (Sep-22)
18. ZOE BERMAN – Freezing Heat EP (Dec-21)
19. GASOLINE LOLLIPOPS – Nightmares LP (Oct-22)
— FAN/LISTENER FAVORITE – He/His Vocal Performance for Midnight Dance
19. GEORGE CESSNA – Lucky Rider EP (Jan-22)
20. BISON BONE – The Lost Weekend EP (Nov-21)
21. ELEKTRIC ANIMALS – Channels EP (May-22)
— FAN/LISTENER FAVORITE – Rock Song of the Year Come Clean
22. IZCALLI – Rebirth LP (Jul-22)
23. BIG RICHARD BAND – Walls of Time SINGLE (Mar-22)
23. LETTUCE – Unify LP (Jun-22)
Colorado Playlist Funk/Soul Album of the Year
24. NITTY GRITTY DIRT BAND – Dirt Does Dylan LP (May-22)
25. WEST SIDE JOE & THE MEN OF SOUL – Keep On Climbin’ LP (Apr-21)
26. DANGO ROSE – The Forgotten Years Vol 2 EP (Jan-22)
27. EMILY SCOTT ROBINSONAmerican Siren LP (Oct-21)
Colorado Playlist Americana Country Album of the Year
27. N3PTUNE/Rusty Steve – Renaissance LP (Dec-21)
Colorado Playlist Urban-Alternative Album of the Year
28. A.J. FULLERTON – Oh Frustration SINGLE (Feb-22)
28. ANDY SYDOW – Time Stands Between EP (Aug-21)
28. CARY MORIN & GHOST DOG – Goin’ Down South SINGLE (May-22)
28. FOXFEATHER – Nature of Things EP (Sep-21)
29. COMPANION –If I Were A Ghost EP (Apr-22)
30. KING CARDINAL – Runaway SINGLE (Dec-21)
31. JAGUAR STEVENS – Jaguar Stevens LP (Sep-21)
32. BLAKK MANTRA A Song of the West SINGLE (Jun-22)
32. BROTHERS OF BRASS – Egress SINGLE (Mar-22)
33. MOJOMAMA – We Are One LP (Jun-22)
FAN/LISTENER FAVORITE – She/Her Vocal Performance for We Are One
34. A PLACE FOR OWLS – A Place for Owls LP (Aug-22)
34. A.J. FULLERTON – The Forgiver and the Runaway LP (Mar-21)
34. CHRIS DANIELS & HAZEL MILLER – What We Did! (Live) LP (Jul-21)
35. FIRE MOTEL – Like the Universe SINGLE (Feb-22)
36. COVENHOVEN – IV LP (Aug-21)
37. ONE FLEW WEST – The Blur LP (Apr-22)
38. RYAN CHRYS & THE ROUGHCUTSTears and Blades LP (Jun-22)
— FAN/LISTENER FAVORITE Americana/Alt-Country Song of the Year for Seein’ You Tonight (feat. Lauren Michaels)
39. DIRTY SHRINESDigital Ego LP (Sep-21)


Fan/Listener Favorite Cover/Remake – Big Head Todd & the Monsters, Thumbelina
Fan/Listener Favorite Debut – Violet Pilot, Lazy Lions

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