Welcome to the 13th Annual BEST of the Colorado Playlist 2018 fan polls. I am BLOWN AWAY by the shear volume of releases I logged this past year, despite not receiving or logging much in the way of metal, punk and rap releases.

I’d guess there were several hundred LPs and EPs released this year statewide. I logged in over 135 LPs and EPs and over 100 videos. Another couple dozen singles came through also. I logged about 120 last year and fewer than 100 in 2016.

Every week I publish the MMMM (Monday Morning Music Meeting) – a chance for you to hear new Colorado music aired each week on the show, and to let me know whether to KEEP or DELETE the song from the playlist.

I also feature a video pick (or two) each week. You can find what releases came out in what month by going to my YouTube Channel.

Polls close SUNDAY DEC 23 2018. LISTEN to the show from Saturday Dec 29 thru January 4, 2019 for the Best of the Colorado Playlist 2018.

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Video Pick of the Year

Here are the TOP 45 Colorado videos of 2018 I pulled out from over 100 submissions, that were released from December 2017 thru November 2018. Which 3 are your favorites?


The SPOTIFY playlist below has every LP and EP nominated for BEST OF 2018, over 1000 song titles. The YouTube Playlist has 110 cuts from LPs and EPs to give you a taste. I hope you will test the waters, and check out some acts you are not already familiar with. There are some truly outstanding records this year. Pick the 5 you most like. And enjoy listening.