DECEMBER 31, 2018 – May I be so bold as to say it again?  2018 was an amazing year in Colorado music, and for the show.  Our annual Fan/Listener Poll set new five year records for votes – both in the more limited VIDEO category (45 entries – 1,722 votes) and the more expansive LP/EP category (125 entries – 5,814 votes). There are a LOT of good records I played this past year that will not show up in the BEST OF.


Every week I feature the Video Pick of the Week – sometimes there are two.  Out of the over 50 videos I shared this year, fans were asked to vote on their favorite from a list of 45.  The winner was a video for a song I never played on the show in 2018, from an artist who doesn’t play the recognized “original” rooms in the region, and whose husband has been a well known musician (along with his brother, and late father) in the Denver blues scene for many years.  The video playlist starts at #5.  And the winners are…


10 – The Dollhouse Thieves – Formed in 2015 by the multi-instrumentalist husband and wife team Niki and Luke Tredinnick, the Americana, folk-jazz oriented band has played their own original music along with early 20th century, and mid 19th century Civil War tunes.   Their debut dropped in June.

Suggested tracks:  Shadow to Your Ghost,  Falling Without You,  Afterall It Wasn’t Music

9 – Yarrow – Sit Tight – Denver Westword named Americana folk duo Yarrow as the #1 Best New Denver Band in 2016.  Their debut pulls them solidly into the ranks of other Colorado Americana folk-rock outfits such as Monocle Band and Foxfeather.

Suggested tracks: Always, Bad Memories

8 – Joe Johnson – Morgantown – Joe’s been here before.  This is the second time since his 2013 New West Sound that Joe has landed in the TOP 10 picks for the year.  An award winning singer-songwriter, his music has been featured in the documentary “A Nickle and A Nail” and in the upcoming film “Making a Killing”, and has been sampled and covered by artists across America as well as Europe and Australia.

Suggested tracks: Morgantown Creek, Interstate Lovesick Song, Snakeskin Dress

7 – The Wood Brothers – One Drop of Truth – Again, not easy to NOT make this one the Album of the Year, since it made it to #2 in PT 1 on the basis of a Grammy nomination, and it’s a TOP 10 fan pick … KILLER Americana album from our native Boulder brothers.

Suggested tracks:  River Takes the Town, Happiness Jones, Laughing or Cryin’

6 – Dayton Stone & the Undertones – another new band and another debut.  Originally from Seattle, Dayton “Tambourine Jesus” Stone met the original members of the Undertones at an open mic at the Squire Lounge in 2014.

Suggested tracks: Drive and Drive, Hypnotist

5 – Andy Sydow – Reasons for Departure – ***full disclosure – Andy and I are close friends, and I work as part of his promotional and management team.***  That said, Andy has worked his ass off the past five years to get this record (produced by Chris Daniels) out.  He’s been picking up some choice shows in the metro, and continues to tour outside the state. That Andy’s fans voted both the album and the video for “Reasons for Departure” as TOP 5 BEST of the CP for 2018 makes him an artist to watch for in 2019.

Suggested tracks:  Reasons for Departure, Who I Want to Be, Lonely Love

4 – Silver & Gold – Point A-Point A – The third release under the local Bandwagon label by this Greeley based band lands them solidly in the TOP 5 fan favorites for the year.  As I type, they’re releasing a new EP for 2019 called “Cold.”

Suggested tracks:  Pictures, Lincoln City

3 – CITRA – Mr Copacetic – When my friend who worked on this record first brought it to my attention, he thought maybe it would be a bit too edgy for the show.  HA!  Not only did it become one of my TOP 3 most played alternative rock albums on the CP, but the fans loved it – launching it to #3 for the year, and the video for “That’s What She Said” #3 TOP video of the year.

Suggested tracks: Static Erratic, That’s What She Said

2 – The Burroughs – Got To Feel – When I first saw this band perform live several years ago now I knew we had something very special from Greeley.  Calling themselves Sweaty Greeley Soul, the Burroughs borrow from great classic 60s soul bands like Sly and the Family Stone.  One of Northern Colorado’s most consistent top local festival and concert draws, they did their first out of state tour in 2018, and contributed a video to Sustain Music & Nature Songscapes.

Suggested tracks: Solution, Solid Gold, Touch the Sky

1 – Silver And Smoke – 30P – I have to say, this band came out of nowhere for me.  Sometimes, one single is all it takes to make an impression.  Such was the case with this band that formed in 2015 and has released 3 EPs since.  A band to watch for in 2019.  An impressive number of fans voted them to #1 Fan Favorite for 2018.

Suggested tracks:  Sting Like A Bee