Picking the best of the decade is no small task.  I’ve collected and curated well over three thousand tracks over the past ten years.  I had originally wanted to break it down to ten or twenty titles.  That was impossible to achieve.  Best I could get to was thirty.  10 years x 3 per year on average.

Over the past decade, Colorado musicians have been nominated for and won major awards.  So I started with the award winners, as the core mission of the Colorado Playlist is to showcase the biggest hits from the biggest hit-makers and award winners in Colorado music history, to some of the freshest new music emerging from around the Centennial State.

These TOP 30 represent, in my opinion, the best from our award winners and hit-makers, along with some of the more significant rising / emerging stars in our scene. As in any such endeavor there are significant omissions.

What were your favorites?