These are my top 30 picks for favorite video of 2019.  I culled them from some 80 or 90 that I collected over the past year.  I really tried to get this to 10 … hell, even a TOP 20!   Gonna need your help to do that.  Let’s see what you come up with.  You may pick up to 5 videos.

Okay.  I know I can’t enforce this …  but!

PLEASE DO NOT VOTE UNLESS YOU WATCH EACH VIDEO.  Please; and thank you.  Don’t vote just because it’s your video, or your friend’s video or your favorite local band’s video.  Really .. take the time to watch all thirty. I know it’s asking a lot.  But how cool would it be if all us did just that?  30 videos x 4 minutes each estimated = approximately 2 hours.

So… ready?  And the nominations are…