Funding and Sponsorhips

The terrestrial radio stations in Colorado that air “The Colorado Sound” do not pay for it.  Unlike purchased programming, which costs the station A LOT, this show is provided on what is known in the radio industry as “barter.”

I do not pay the stations to air the show, and they do not pay me for airing it.  Each station is given three breaks in each hour of the show for their own station information and/or fundraising announcements, and I am entitled to raise revenue through underwriting and/or advertising.    

Producing a weekly show and maintaining a relevant blog requires a considerable amount of resources.  That’s where funding comes in.   I accept donations, grants, and underwriting/advertising to support the program financially.


UNDERWRITING/ADVERTISING.  Underwriting mentions go into syndicated public/community radio programs.  Rates are discussed privately.  Please email me at


mishawakaMishawaka Amphitheatre   The historic Mishawaka Amphitheatre, Northern Colorado’s musical playground in the Poudre Canyon for over 100 years – featuring national, regional, and local touring artsts year round in the SpokesBUZZ Lounge .. see website for details.


I also accept fees for public speaking and consulting.  For more info, contact me directly.

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