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MMMM – Monday, March 29, 2010

(30 second samples of this week’s featured releases)

Lots of great music this week.  I attended day one of the UMX (Ultimate Music Experience), the official auditions for the 39th Annual CHUN People’s Fair, which is slated for June 5 and 6 this year.  Man there were some great performances, especially from the likes of the Congress, Other Side of Clearview, Quillion and other Denver/Front Range area acts.  On top of that, I’m in the middle of a major home remodel – so I loaded up the iTunes player and went to town on new music this week.  Here’s my five new featured titles for March 29, 2010.  Enjoy 🙂

The Rouge – Lady Luck (single)
Genre/Style:  Rock/alternative
Notes: Produced by long time Fort Collins resident singer-songwriter and producer Christopher Jak at the Blasting Room in Fort Collins.  Unsubstantiated report from a highly regarded source this week that the Rouge inked a deal with Atlantic Records.  April Fools or not we’ll see soon I’m sure.  In the meantime, this band is yet another in a long running line of success stories emerging out of Colorado.

The Foot. – Primary Colors
Genre/Style:  Rock
Notes: This band came out of the woodwork this past week thanks to Dave Herrera who blogged about them in Backbeat (Westword).  The full album is available as a free download… and so far the word among local music afficienados has been nothing less than stellar.  I expect a long ride for The Foot.’s debut in 2010.

Jon Ridnell – Reliance
Genre/Style:  roots rock, r&b, blue-eyed soul
Website: N/A
Notes: I had the pleasure of mixing the band that Jon fronts, Black Dog, recently.  Unlike the trio that I mixed sound for, Jon’s solo album is a much bigger endeavor.  Produced by award winning Sally Van Meter, the album features the highly praised talents of Sally, Eric Thorin, Eric Moon, and Dave Watts… with a great list of special guests from the region.

Haunted Windchimes – Honey Moonshine
Genre/Style:  Americana, folk, bluegrass
Notes: Officially, this is the band’s debut full length recording.  Their previous effort was an ep/split called Vice/Versa that came out I believe in 2008.  Full of great harmonies and songwriting that calls to mind the movie Oh Brother, Where Art Thou, this band from Pueblo has been packing in sold out crowds in SoCo and is set to expand state wide.

Dave Lemieux And House Of Soul – Jazz Shaped
Genre/Style:  Jazz, Contemporary Gospel
Notes: I’ve always got to throw some jazz into the mix and this record has captivated me since I first received a copy of it.  Recorded live at the Soiled Dove Underground in Denver, this is an extremely spirited performance throughout and even includes spoken word/hip-hop influences.  Move beyond the jazz on this record and the band infuses influences ranging from Andrea Crouch to the Winans.. and according to their bio even the music of the Blind Boys of Alabama.

Monday Morning Music Meeting (MMMM goood!)

Okay, so it’s Monday morning, March 8. I’m having my coffee and wondering what new feature to add to this here new site… Since Tuesday is the traditional reporting day to the trades, I thought maybe a Monday morning music meeting would be cool. A place to write about new releases that came in during the past week – and that maybe got tested over the weekend. Whatcha think? I can launch it on Monday and those of you who are music directors around the state can post your comments as you see fit during the week? What new Colorado music did you add to your libraries? What releases are impressing your djs? Let’s talk….

New in the RMMN offices this past week.

Tommy Metz aka iuengliss – The Blossom Frontier
Genre/Style: electronica/dance, pop
Website: You’ve got two choices here. You can go to and download the entire new album for free, or go to for information and to hear the trax he’s posted there.

Molina Soleil & Aju w/ DJ Icewater – Soulaju
Genre/Style: hip-hop, neo-soul
Notes: Impressive act heavy on multiculturalism (Aju speaks 5 languages). They have an impressive touring schedule that includes stops throughout Colorado, Wyoming, Missouri, Oregon, California to name a few. According to their website: Molina Soleil & Aju are set to release “Soulaju” on March 23rd, 2010. It features the production of DJ Icewater, who has toured internationally with the Pharcyde and Shing02, and has recently mixed albums for artists like Lyrics Born and Jern Eye.

Romano Paoletti – Story of a Lifetime
Genre/Style: Americana, country, folk
Notes: produced by Eric Thorin (Drew Emmitt Band). Features Eric Thorin, Sally Van Meter, Caleb Roberts, Eben Grace, Todd Moore, John McVey and Mollie O’brien and others. His grandfather, “Ragtime” Bob Darch, was the only living inductee of the Ragtime Hall of Fame. Romano’s mother, Norma Jean, was always a singer and was signed by Smokey Robinson of Motown Records.  He spent a lifetime with both of these people learning his craft.  It shows in his performances on the record.

David Williams & The Wildgrass Band featuring Kristina Murray – The Crazy Kind
Genre/Style: Americana, country, folk, bluegrass
Website: The best place I’ve found to sample tracks is at the CD Baby page for this album – or hit
Notes: The album features performances by Rockygrass mandolin winner Jordan Ramsey, Rockygrass banjo winner Chris Elliott, national fiddle champion (Weiser, ID) Katie Glassman and renowned Colorado bassist Duane Webster.
From website: David is  the 2009 EMMY AWARD WINNER IN COMPOSITION AND WRITING. Influenced by everything from gypsy jazz to folk, delta blues, swing, rockabilly, bluegrass & folk. As a singer-songwriter, David’s known for his way with words and melodies, which conjure up the American musical landscape.  His songs touch on everything from the difficulties of love to the people and places along old Route 66, or a carnival from his childhood, or swing tunes reminiscent of Tin-Pan-Alley—in a wide range of CDs released over the last 30 years.

As musician, David has recorded and performed with Greg Brown, Dave Moore and others; and he studied and performed with the great Jethro Burns, of Homer and Jethro fame.  He has played at many of the large folk music festivals in North America, such as Vancouver and Winnipeg, where he has been recognized as both a songwriter and instrumentalist.

Recently, he has written a new musical/play about Django Reinhardt.  His group DECO DJANGO specializes in this infectious music from the 1930s.

David has also published a number of books with Alfred A. Knopf and Ghost Road Press, as well as short stories and poems. He holds a Ph.D. in English, and he has been a writer in residence at a number of colleges and universities in the US.  A working cartoonist, his work appears around the world through Carlton Cards and Soultrader of London.

He is an ALA and NAPPA award-winning albums for children and is currently the songwriter for the new PBS children’s show The Big Green Rabbit.  As DIRTY LINEN says, no one else writes kids songs like DW.

The Crazy Kind is not a kid’s music record.  David Williams is most definitely one of Colorado’s most literary country-folk artists.

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