Backbeat – from The Westword

Colorado Music Buzz – from the Colorado Music Buzz Magazine

That’s the Thing About That – A blog about bands, local and national, that play in Colorado.

Pueblo City Limits – Obscure vinyl recordings (and the stories behind them) from Southern Colorado. We’re talking along Highway 50, Holly to Montrose, and south to the New Mexico state line.

Reverb/the Denver Post — blogs about more local shows and album releases than just about anyone around.  Excellent daily source of high fiber music related news regardless of professional stature or label status.

Rocky Mountain Highway – short on blogging, but long on calendar.

The Denver Eye – one of the coolest sites I’ve found yet on music of the 60s here in the region. – Lots of Colorado music history here.

5280 Magazine – On the Download – seems they just recently began doing weekly reviews.  Author Josh Johnson is a friend from over the past decade and a fellow director on the Board at KRFC.

Stand By Your Jam — got an email from the blogger here suggesting a co-link… lots more than just Colorado going on here, but there’s a side bar w/ some links to sites related to Colorado music.

Listen Up Denver — all things Denver – nat’l and local/regional … shows and recordings …

SWINK Colorado Music Magazine – as of March 2012 seems to be fairly new on the scene.

Wide Awake in Colorado – Publicity and more

Marquee Magazine – one of Colorado’s most comprehensive calendars and music review magazines

13 thoughts on “Links”

  1. To whom it may concern,

    My name is James Harper and I am in a local band based out of Denver CO and we go by the 303 Movement. Over the last year we have created a pretty well known buzz about us and as of last thursday we just released our first full length album “All In” at the Bluebird Theater. I was wondering how we possibly get a blogger to look at us or even get a review on our album? If there is any chance of us working together please let us know! We look forward to hearing from you.

    James Harper

    303 Movement

  2. No Reverb? The Denver Post’s music blog reviews more live shows than anyone else in Colorado.

  3. Hi Sound Folks,

    How are you? Hope all is well. I represent an artist out of Colorado who is interested in being a part of your site, be it a review, interview or coming out to a show. Please let me know if you’d like more info on him and his music and I’ll gladly send that over for your to review and hopefully we can get something going!

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Kendra — pls forward me a link to your artist’s website, reverbnation page, facebook or bandcamp.. Pls do not send a myspace link – I don’t go there anymore. —- thank you … goat

  4. Hi Goat,

    Thanks for the great sound last night. I really appreciate it. And thanks for turning me on to your Colorado Music and Radio site. Very cool.

    I want to follow up with the new Signel-Z CD Io Rise. This is the 5-piece original jazz/MoJa/eclectic instrumental group (watch for the Vocal Edition – recording coming soon). Here is a link for a preview, I will get a CD to you soon too:
    FYI: I play guitar with Signel-Z and bass with Signel-Z Vocal Edition and GOT and Martian Acres.

    Kind regards,


  5. Please include in your links as a free website for artists to market their goods and services, post events, write blogs i.e. articles to include their lyrics …

  6. Hey! This is a band from Fort Collins, making waves in the South right now… check em out…

    Covergeist is a band created by Aliens from planet Nibiru that have mutated into human form for the purpose of taking over the world and enslaving the human race with sound.

    just kidding.

    Covergeist is just a band that rocks.

    Justin is the singer and guitar player. He is from Colorado and has quite an interesting story. He was the intern on Taylor Swift’s first album, was a childhood big-shot starring in things like a Power Rangers underwear commercial, Justin lived in Brazil, worked in studios all over Nashville, and eventually got fired from one studio for playing Billy Gibbons (ZZTop) guitar. Justin is one of the most recognizable songwriters and personalities in Nashville. Some love him, some hate him, but everyone has a story about the lead singer of Covergeist. Justin is also a political activist, poet, painter, potter, pot head and spiritual guru. He is very friendly passionate and personable, yet easily annoyed and explosively spontaneous, regularly destroying the set at shows. One can recall the tale of when after becoming frustrated with the sound, he not only broke his instrument, but proceeded to topple the piano of the following act. Nonetheless, he has made lots of friends and enemies in acting this way, all in the name of Rock and Roll.

    There is an ever-rotating cast of bass players. In the 4 years Covergeist has been a band they have had over 10 bass players. Big ones, small ones, fat ones, dorky ones, good ones, bad ones. The most likely cause for the circus sideshow of characters playing for Covergeist is that most people simply can’t handle David’s height or Justin’s pre-madonna attitude and extreme work-aholic behavior.

    Not only is David the drummer of Covergeist, but many people believe he is the next great drummer in Rock N Roll. His skill is like a love child of Keith Moon and John Bonham getting eaten alive by Amazonian Piranhas. And all that nasty sound comes from his custom sparkling pink drum set with gigantic toms and celestial cymbals. David is full of energy and he regularly jumps up on his drum thrown screaming and knocks over his kit, all the while never missing a beat and always on tempo. He is tall. So tall the American Government has classified him as the last of the Giant Race. In fact, David is so tall that he could’ve been a NBA basketball player but he realized his true love was knitting, but after a freak sewing accident in the mountains of Tibet, he took up the drums and the rest is history. Don’t let his ravishing good looks deceive you ladies, he is a monster behind the drums whose only comparison could be Animal from Sesame Street… and no he will not play Wipeout for $20… but he WILL play Moby Dick for a blow job and a Irish Car Bomb. One of his greatest feats was during a show in Nashville when a Batchelorette party came to a Covergeist show and actually ripped his underwear off and he finished the set naked. Other than that he is a wholesome family man.

    believe it or not… everything above is true.
    and if you don’t believe it… then $%^& you.

    Check out the band online!

  7. Hi, Colorado Sound. I’m part of an Americana band called Young Valley allll the way from Jackson, Mississippi. We’re playing the Lion’s Lair March 6th with Greasy Species and Bib Tucker & the Liar’s Club, and I’m looking for good places to drop a little press release, other business about our band and our upcoming Denver debut.
    We’re some Southern gents in a four-piece group that likes to take an old Gary Stewart country ballad, spice it up with a little Tex-Mex groove, and rough all the edges with some twangy guitar licks and lots of yelling . Our songs tend to be about the Devil, Jesus, drugs, alcohol, all of our sad broken hearts and the ones we’ve broken along the way, and of course, our great state, Mississippi.
    We’ve been called a lot of shit. Twangy Gnar. Boogie Woogie. Assholes, but it’s good, it’s honest, and you’ll find something you like.

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