MMMM – May 17, 2010

Good morning.  Sorry I’m late to the meeting this morning.  I was almost on time, but I received the new Kinetix album overnight and I wanted to make sure I got it in this morning.  The theme this week appears to be springtime and/or love — funny that!  Even us old married goats fall prey to that annual spring-thing 😉

Kinetix – Let Me In (Steel Giant)
Genre/Style: Rock, pop
Notes: I just got this album this morning.  The notes from Steel Giant management indicated that the lead track is  Let Me In.  Off the bat this album sounds great.  Kinetix is a band with an eye on the target of sustainable professional future, and to that end the record and everything I’ve heard about their show is highly professional, cut and polished.

Something Underground – Intention & Release (self)
Genre/Style: Pop, adult contemporary
Notes: Seth & Josh Larson have produced one of those tracks you’d expect to hear as part of the soundtrack to a lovity lovely spring time chick-flick…. or a commercial filled with flower-power.  Nicely done fellas!

The Gromet – Captain Colorado (self)
Genre/style: Rock, jamband
I love the artwork for this album!  It just fits; ya know?  This up and coming local bands shows some real promise on this release… hope they continue swimming upstream 😉

Greg Harris Vibe Quintet featuring Venus Cruz – Glass Gold (self)
Genre/style: Jazz
Notes: Okay … up front … Venus Cruz was great back in the 90s when she appeared as the lead vocalist with the pre-hip hop era Yo, Flaco!  Then several months ago I heard she was fronting Future Jazz Project, which I also knew Greg Harris to be a part of.  I didn’t expect this release… Venus is stellar here… and while I haven’t fully digested the entire album, this is a local modern jazz release that seems to have what it takes to get all of us who write about and air local music talking jazz record of the year cred.  Free download available so git yours today!

Lisa Bell – Dancing On the Moon (self)
Genre/Style: smooth jazz vocals
Notes: this is an interesting recording (notice I did not say it’s an interesting album).  It was produced using A424 RA Music tuning as opposed to the far more conventional A440 standard we’re used to.  This was done on purpose as the producers believe that the A424 tuning brings “mental and physical healing benefits.”  Musically, Lisa draws upon what many would call the smooth jazz sound of vocal pop – and rightly so in this case.  The recording features some of the region’s top session players, including Christian Teele (Etown, drums), Chris Engleman (bass), Eric Moon (keyboards), Mark Oblinger (guitar, mandolin, vocals), and others … for those of us who enjoy great wine and artists like Dave Koz, this fits in nicely with our Sunday brunch on the deck.

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