MMMM Monday July 5, 2010

I have been sitting and enjoying the 4th of July weekend – and I’m now waiting for my kids to show up to take us out for the afternoon.  In the meantime, while I thought I would not post a MMMM this week – I cannot resist.  The new Mollie O’Brien album is one of the best of show so far for 2010 – and I just have to share it with you.

Mollie O’Brien & Rich Moore – Saints & Sinners Genre/Style: Americana, folk
Recommended tracks: All, depending on the flavor of your show.  There’s AAA, folk/bluegrass, and blues/jazz radio offerings .. all tied together very nicely.  I’ve sampled four in particular:  #1-Keep It Clean (Charley Jordan), #3-Losers (Dave Van Ronk), #6-Dead and Lovely (Tom Waits), and #7 Saints & Sinners (David Francey).
Notes: Man, what a record!  Full of some of the best players that Colorado has to offer, including:  Rich Moore (guitars, harmonies), Glenn Taylor (pedal steel), Christian Teele (percussion, drums), Brad Goode (trumpet), Eric Thorin (co-producer, bass), John Magnie (accordian, piano), Eric Moon (accordian, piano, organ).  The album was recorded at Colorado Sound studios in Denver by Jesse O’Brien & Kevin Clock.  No doub this record, should it reach all of the public/community radio stations in Colorado, will sweep into the #1 most played position, and land among the most loved releases in this genre, this year.  One of the earmarks of records that maintain some level of airplay sustainability is how deep it is — -and this record is DEEP!  There’s really not a bad track in the collection – neither from a songwriting or performance pov.  Mollie’s rare originals sing brightly next to songs written by some of the greatest songwriters imaginable.  Radio gets a good long look at this record in advance of the proposed September retail release.  Here’s hoping that radio throughout Colorado embraces one of what might well be Mollie O’Brien’s crowning achievements – co-anchored by her husband, Rich Moore – only the second album I’m familar with from this couple; the first being 900 Baseline from 2008.

TOP ROCK PICKS (singles)
Post Paradise – The Ghost in the Airwaves … advance single from forthcoming sophomore release.
The Knew – Before It Ends … lead single from digital ep of the same name.  Free dl of the ep at their website:
SuperSeed – Dreams … lead single from just released self titled debut ep.

In the case of each one of these tracks, they may be too “rock” or too “pop” or too “loud” for most of the programs currently underway at most public and community stations around the state.  Exceptions might include JJ Johnson’s Night Howler program on KRFC in Fort Collins, as well as the local show on Thursday nights at KRCC in Colorado Springs.  KDUR in Durango also tends towards the more “rock” side of independent music in the state, along with KVCU (Radio 1190) in Boulder, and KCSU in Fort Collins.  If you’re interested in receiving a copy of these tracks please get hold of the bands.

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