MMMM – (Wednesday Afternoon) July 28 2010

WOW — it’s Wednesday … sorry so late folks .. .it was a crazy nuts weekend at the DPUMS (Denver Post Underground Music Showcase) and it took me two days to play catchup … and listen to a lot of new music that came in over the past week … I’ve held some new stuff back for next week … here’s a quickie on some of what came in recently.  Enjoy … catch the show to hear more …

Rob Drabkin and Davy Knowles – Sweet Melissa
Notes: …a taste of a new single coming out sometime soon from Rob Drabkin and Davy Knowles (Backdoor Slam, the Rhythm Devils).  Rob said he has some work to do on the track before he wants to release it, and he’s got an accompanying video from this session that he’s in the process of editing.  Needless to say, the boys got my ears and my heart with this classic.  We’ve all got plenty of advance notice on this upcoming track.

White Water Ramble – All Night Drive (self)
Notes: on their debut studio album, the band enlists the aid of producer Tim Carbone (Railroad Earth, Great American Taxi) and several guests, including: Grant Gordy (guitar, David Grissman), Steve Molitz (keyboards, Particle), Pete Wall (Particle) , Erik Yates (Hot Buttered Rum), and Josh Clark (Tea Leaf Green).

Eddie Turner – Miracles and Demons (Northern Blues)
Notes: Eddie Turner is one of the legends of Colorado music.  He played with Zephyr after Tommy Bolin left the band.  During much of the 90s Eddie was culled out of “retirement” to play and record with Otis Taylor.  We’ve been waiting an entire year for this record to come out …

Take To the Oars – Answers (single)
Notes: Modern alternative rock from band formerly known as Vonnegut.  Recorded with JP Manza at Colorado Sound studios (not to be confused of course with THE Colorado Sound radio program).  Hope it’s okay with everyone if I just say “I like this.”

The Dualistics – The Optimist (single)
Notes: modern alternative rock … ditto here too … I like this.  I don’t have a lot to say about this kind of rock, because I have little frame of reference for this kind of music unless it is from Colorado … and in this case, the Dualistics (and Take To the Oars) rank (IMO) among the best in form, style and presentation … like I said:  I like this.  (PS .. bassist Jimmy Stofer also just released a solo disc and is workign on new material with Rose Hill Drive).

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