The Colorado Sound – Vol. 2, Episode 31, 2010

Selasee “Pray for Me” from African Gate (2010)
Debajo Del Agua “Aquas” from The World Upside Down (2008)
The Subdudes “Any Cure” from The Subdudes (1989)
Andy Monley “All Hail” from Triplight (2006)
The Fantastic Zoo “Light Show” from Colorado in the Sixties [disc two] (1967)
Snake Rattle Rattle Snake “Parallel Lines” from Snake Rattle Rattle Snake (2010)
Kinetix “Anything” from Let Me In (2010)
Apples in Stereo “Same Old Drag” from New Magnetic Wonder (2007)
Everything Absent or Distorted (a love story) “The Exit Parade” from Soft Civil War (2006)
Great American Taxi “Fuzzy Little Hippie Girl” from Reckless Habits (2010)
White Water Ramble “Pulled Pork” from All Night Drive (2010)
Bobby Walker “Little Bit of Soul” from Way Back When (2010)
Chuck Pyle “Love Will Find A Way” from The Spaces In Between (2010)
The Dominant 7 & The Jazz Arts Messengers “Hop On, Buckle Off” from 14 Channels (2010)
Mollie O’Brien and Rich Moore “Losers” from Saints & Sinners (2010)
After Midnight Jazz Band “Gee Baby Ain’t I Good To You” from Midnight in Madison (2010)
Halden Wofford and the Hi Beams “Tear It Down” from Sinners and Saints (2010)
Ash Ganley “Missing From My Heart” from Universe Acceptable (2010)
Old Soul “Oldest Religion” from Old Soul (1996)
Jeff Brinkman “Sometimes” from To the Bones (2010)
Gabrielle Louise “I’ll Turn Myself In On Monday” from Mirror the Branches (2010)
Zuba “Planet of Love” from South of Eden (1999)
The Higher Elevation “The Diamond Mine” from The Diamond Mine (1967)
Eric Shiveley “Greetings from Deming” from Eden’s Light (2010)
Hello Kavita “Light Up In the Blue” from To A Loved One (2009)
Tickle Me Pink “Strange Life” from On Your Way Down (2010)
Andrea Ball “Dial Tone” from Dial Tone (2010)
Greg Harris Vibe Quintet “Blue Heron” from Glass Gold (2010)

Author: goat

I've been on the air in Northern Colorado since 1978. The Colorado Playlist is broadcast on 30 FM frequencies in the state. I am also a musician, talent buyer/consultant and business consultant/mentor. Email me at

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