MMMM – Monday Oct 18, 2010

Monday morning … what better way to wake up to a new day … esp one with autumn in the air … than to listen to some roots reggae.  Only one title on this week’s MMMM … hope you like it as much as I do.

Robert Marcey & Familyman Barrett with the Wailers – Wailin’ for Justice (Dread I) Genre/Style:  reggae, roots reggae
Focus/sampled tracks: Always Eternally, Shame, Dread Lion, Wailin’ for Justice, Love Grows
Notes: Very highly recommended… Jeff Koepke (host – The House Rent Party) turned me onto this record.  My first thought was, “yeah, right … a “local” record with Familyman Barrett and the Wailers.”  But, yes, it’s a Colorado release; written, performed, and co-produced by Greeley resident Robert Marcey – recorded by Andy McKewen at Crucible Studios in El Dorado Springs outside of Boulder … mixed by Jason McDaniel at Airshow Mastering .. and mastered by Jim Wilson at Airshow mastering.

There’s nothing at all online about Robert Marcey that I could find – so I emailed him from his website to make sure he is a Colorado talent.  He responded that he lives in “Greality” … and that this is one of several projects he’s producing with several different recognized “brand name” artists.

The obvious question is, “do I like it?”  Yeah.  I do – very much.  Even without the able assistance of such notable players as Barrett and the Wailers, Robert is authentic – in his writing, his storytelling, and his voice.  What gets me is that here’s this middle-age white guy from “Greality” sounding like he grew up in the thickest of Jamaican reggae culture – immersed in the life and times and music of Bob Marley and his followers … and maybe he was immersed in it all … there’s no way of knowing because there’s nothing online about the guy that tells HIS story … so we have the music to do that for us, and all disbelief is at least temporarily suspended in the listening.

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