TOP Denver Radio Jan 2011

It seems like nearly every person I talk to says something along the lines of “I don’t listen to radio anymore.”  BULL____.  We all listen to radio.  Sure, it may not be local radio all the time – although based on the following numbers, that too appears to be BULL____.  I suspect that we all turn on the FM in the car and graze the channels looking for something that interests us – be it music, news or sports.  I’m a news junkie … I listen to a lot of KCFR .. though I admit to also turning on both the sports stations – 104.3 The Fan and 87.7 The Ticket.  I don’t even bother with music stations anymore as a general rule.

When it comes to music, I’m stuck — because NO station plays enough Colorado music to satisfy me…. so, I use mix cds along with my radio to complete the experience.  I think that’s what most do.  I think that we all listen to the radio and scan the dial … or we have five presets and we interject our own mix of music into that.

That is, more or less what Pandora is up to – they’ve figured out a way to do local radio that incorporates music that the user wants to hear alongside of local news, weather, sports, and talk … that is gonna spell HELL for local FM stations here in about 5 years or so, as Pandora’s in dash solution reaches more deeply into our culture.  TRUE – those of us who don’t buy new cars will be left in the back of the pack, but that’s only a matter of another few years before used car prices get to reasonable levels for the rest of us.

Short for “cumulative audience”, CUME is the total number of UNIQUE listeners a radio station has over any one week period of time.  Since we scan the dial almost incessantly, we each are then counted as part of that station’s CUMULATIVE audience.   You may walk into the building and not spend more than a few minutes – and not buy a thing – but you’re counted as having walked into the building.

Frequency  Call Letters/Brand – Format – CUME audience Jan 11 2011

101.1 FM KOSI/KOSI101 – Adult Contemporary – 790,900
105.1 FM KXKL/KOOL105 – Classic Hits – 569,900
107.5 FM KQKS/KS107.5 – Top 40/Rhythmic – 560,100
95.7 FM KPTT/The Party – Top 40/Mainstream – 539,200
97.3 FM KBCO/World Class Rock – Adult Album Alternative – 525,800
93.3 FM KTCL/The Adventure – Alternative – 522,300
98.5 FM KYGO – Country – 521,500
105.9 FM KALC/Alice – Hot Adult Contemporary – 516,100
99.5 FM KQMT/The Mountain – Classic Rock – 512,700
103.5 FM KRFX/103.5The Fox – Classic Rock – 503,900
100.3 FM KIMN/100.3 The Mix – Hot Adult Contemporary – 502,700
106.7 FM KBPI – Active Rock – 432,200
107.1 FM KDHT/Hot 107.1 – Top 40/Maistream – 366,800
91.1 FM KLDV/K-Love – Christian Contemporary Hits (CHR) – 357,500
850 AM KOA – Talk – 305,200
96.5 FM KXPK/Radio Tri Color – Regional Mexican – 292,700
92.5 FM KWOF/The Wolf – Country – 280,600
105.5 FM KJAC/Jack FM – Adult Hits – 274,300
90.1 FM KCFR/Colorado Public Radio – News/Talk/NPR – 267,600
104.3 FM KKFN/The Fan – Sports – 257,400
101.5 FM KJHM/Jammin’ 101.5 – Rhythmic Adult Contemporary – 250,800

Author: goat

I've been on the air in Northern Colorado since 1978. The Colorado Playlist is broadcast on 30 FM frequencies in the state. I am also a musician, talent buyer and business consultant. Email me at

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