The Colorado Sound – Vol 3, Ep 14 2011

India.Arie “Little Things” from Voyage to India (2002)
Jill Sobule “Bitter (LP Version)” from Happy Town (1997)
DEBUT Surplus Cheaper Hands “Dark Passenger” from It’s Your Parade (2011)
Churchill “Miles” from Happy/Sad (2011)
Mountain Standard Time “Road Signs” from Mountain Standard Time (2011)
DEBUT Bobby Doran “Bad Reputation” from Bad Reputation (2011)
Filthy Children “Knuckle Shuffle” from Knocked Up (2005)
Juno What?! “Take Control of Your Body” from Shameless (2011)
Justin Roth “Out of the Blue (The Orchard)” from Now You Know (2011)
Buckskin Stallion “New Town” from Blue Ribbon Buzz (2004)
Todd Adelman & the Love Handles “Where the Party Never Ends” from Todd Adelman & the Love Handles (2009)
Andrew Vogt “The Derailer” from Cats Afoot (2010)
The Samples “My Town” from Samples (1990)
Soundrabbit “Eoghan, Late Saturday” from Tree Trunk Airplanes (2009)
DEBUT SuperCollider “Ghosts I’ve Known” from SuperCollider (2011)
After Midnight Jazz Band “Hallelujah I Love Her So” from Midnight in Madison (2010)
“but, Naked!” “Can’t Get Enough” [single] (2011)
DEBUT John Common “Build Me A Crown” from Beautiful Empty (2011)
The Autumn Film “Always the Same” from The Ship and the Sea (2010)
Megan Burtt “Waitin’ On You” from Megan Burtt (2008)
DEBUT Finnders & Youngberg “Driftwood” from FY5 (2011)
The Richie Furay Band “When It All Began” from Alive (2009)
Richie Furay “Real Love” from Heartbeat of Love (2006)
Carmen Sandim Sextet “Feliz” from Brand New (2011)

Author: goat

I've been on the air in Northern Colorado since 1978. The Colorado Playlist is broadcast on 30 FM frequencies in the state. I am also a musician, talent buyer and business consultant. Email me at

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