The Colorado Sound Vol 3. Episode 16 2011

New feature this week… the past few weeks I’ve been doing historical artist segments – acts that perhaps we don’t tend to think of as being strictly local or regional, as well as one or two so far who are in fact strictly speaking local/regional (Wendy Woo, for example). This week’s segment is on Dan Fogelberg … see below.



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(D) = debut, first time played on show
(NT) = new track from album already debuted

(D) Duncan Tuck “Trees” from Malaguena (1973)
Beast (Colorado) “Spaceman” from “Beast” (1969)
Danielle Ate the Sandwich “Two Bedroom Apartment” from Two Bedroom Apartment (2010)
The Subdudes “Social Aid & Pleasure Club” from Behind the Levee (2006)
Robert Marcey & Familyman Barrett “Wailin for Justice” from Wailin for Justice (2010)
Broken Everlys “Rocket Fuel” from Stoned In Juarez (2011)
(D) Veronica “Frederick” from Emerging From Troubled Days (2011)
The Outfit “Strange Bones” from Broken West Wishbone Test (2011)
The Gromet “Fritzel” from Colorado Captain (2010)
Rainville “She Scares Me” from Longest Street In America (2002)
Bop Skizzum “Beauty Queen” from Beauty Queen (2011)
Hot IQs “Firecracker” from An Argument Between the Brain and Feet (2004)
My Body Sings Electric “Step Into the Light” from Changing Color (2011)
The Dominant 7 “South Corea” from 14 Channels (2010)
(D) Stingray Jones and the Mad Men “Bad Girl (radio edit)” from Bad Girl (radio edit) [single] (2010)
(D) John Statz “Ghost Towns” from Ghost Towns (2010)
Liz Barnez “Laughin Yellow” from Liz Barnez Band (1993)
John McVey “Unpredictable” from Unpredictable (2010)
The David James Band “Street Performer” from Street Performer (2011)
Big Head Todd and the Monsters “Runaway Train” from Riviera (2002)
The Love Royale “Sunday” from Love Letters (2010)
The String Cheese Incident “Sometimes a River” from One Step Closer (2005)
Bonnie and The Clydes “Got No Time For You” from Bonnie And The Clydes (2011)
Dan Fogelberg “As The Raven Flies” from Souvenirs (1974)
Dan Fogelberg “Come to the Harbor” from Love In Time (2009)
(D) Greg Garrison “Blackwell’s Reel” from Low Lonesome (2011)

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