The Colorado Sound – Vol 3, Episode 23 2011

Fox Street Allstars “Goin’ Back to Memphis” from Welcome to the Mighty Pleasin’ (2011)
The Broken Everlys “My Troubled Ways” from Stoned In Juarez (2010)
(D) Cowboy Dave “Friend in a Bottle” [single] (2009)
Veronica “Hurley Wax” from Emerging From Troubled Days (2011)
Earth, Wind & Fire “Evil” from Head to the Sky (1973)
(NT) Rob Roper “Falling Into Heaven” from Misfit (2011)
Katey Laurel “Everything I Love” from From Here (2011)
(D) Nathen Maxwell & the Original Bunny Gang “Working for the Man” from White Rabbit (2009)
On Second Thought “Lighthouse” from Don’t Drive Angry (1999)
Jill Sobule “I Kissed A Girl” from Jill Sobule (1995)
Kenny Perkins “Let Me Know” from Wild Frontier (2011)
Wil Key “Can You Feel It?” [single] (2011)
Greg Garrison “Blackwell’s Reel” from Low Lonesome (2011)
The Primroses “The Jungle” from No More Light of Day (1997)
Soul Merchants “Crowns of Glory” from Soul Merchants (2007)
(D) I’m With Her “What Have I Become” from I’m With Her (2011)
Quiet American “Black Jack Daisy” from Quiet American, Vol II (2011)
John Common “Triste Y Hermoso” from Good to Be Born (2006)
Janine Santana “Dignificada” from Soft As Granite (2008)
Selina Albright “You and I” [single] (2010)
Mohammed Alidu and the Bizung Family “Land of Fire” from Land of Fire (2010)
Gary Bragg “She Canceled the Cable” from High Plains Storm (2011)
Fourth Estate “Joy” from Finesse And Fury (1992)
Dave Beegle “Ecstatico” from Beyond the Desert (2003)
Tyler Gilmore’s Ninth & Lincoln Orchestra “I’ll Be Seeing You” from Static Line (2011)

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I've been on the air in Northern Colorado since 1978. The Colorado Playlist is broadcast on 30 FM frequencies in the state. I am also a musician, talent buyer and business consultant. Email me at

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