Where Ya Been Goat???

Ok, so some folks are asking “where ya been goat?”  Seriously, this is THE single busiest month of the year for me.  Two festivals – Carbon Valley Music Festival (Dacono) and Bohemian Nights @ New West Fest (Fort Collins) – PLUS I typically take on a home remodeling project in August (this yr is building my wife a kitchen pantry) + host any visiting family (8 yr old grand daughter this year) + any foh sound work I have (Oskar Blues in Longmont this wk and next) + receiving and listening to new music (list follows) + ….. oh well, you’ve got the picture … there ain’t much time to just sit and chew on the grass and old tin cans (but I try anyway LOL).  New shows coming up beginning this weekend … stay tuned for that.  Lots of great new music to share, including:

a shoreline dream – Losing Them All To This Time
Achille Lauro – Low Cha Cha [Hot Congress Records Sampler 2011]
El Toro de la Muerte – Danger These Days
Grant Sabin – Grant Sabin
Houses – Winter
Lionel Young Band – On Our Way to Memphis
Pat Murphy – Paul Howard Project
Post Paradise – the New Normal
The Dirty Lookers – Audio Voyeur

Speaking of festivals — here’s some of my favorite pics from this month —

Goat and Miss Pattie caught walking around the festival grounds at Bohemian Nights at New West Fest (Fort Collins) on Day 1 …. a very rare picture of the goatz captured by our friends at the Fort Collins Coloradoan / GoFoCo.net …

and then … after 3 days of emceeing the Mountain Ave Stage (main stage) of BoNi / NWF … we enjoyed an incredibly splendid private room dinner hosted by and provided by our friends at the Melting Pot … when we walked into our little private booth and saw this, both the goatz were brought to tears.  This all after viewing the following from our vantage point on the Mountain Ave Stage … we look forward to doing it again next year.

Day 1 = Lionel Young Band (no video), Cracker (f/ Coloradoan Johnny Hickman), G. Love & Special Sauce (our first ever Friday night nat’l headliner)

Day 2 = Patti Fiasco, Churchill (not in video), Bonnie & the Clydes, Whitewater Ramble, Musketeer Gripweed, Nathaniel Rateliff & Fairchildren, Fox St. Allstars, Tedeschi Trucks Band 

Day 3 = The Big Motif (killed it!), Lindsey O’Brien Band (rumors circulating about a new album this next year?), Dovekins, John-Alex Mason (goat’s heart goes out on the passing of his Dad this summer), Romano Paoletti (inc. an all star cast of some of my favorite Colorado bluegrass/country players), Asleep At the Wheel (despite being one of my all time favorite bands, it took me 37 years to finally see them live). 

One special note:  KRFC Fort Collins did a major overhaul of their music offerings beginning Aug 8th under the care and direction of legendary Colorado program director John Hayes.  During BoNi @ NWF, KRFC aired the Mountain Ave Stage live each of the three days — kudos to them for that.  HOWEVER — based on numerous emails over the past year (and direct knowledge of what was supposed to happen) KRFC was supposed to have flipped to a Colorado-centric music format … which I’m sorry to say has not yet happened.  A scan of their playlists since August 8th indicates that 1/7 songs (14% on average) is Colorado in nature.  That’s up from 6% (1/17) Jan to the end of July ….  Props for the increase (these tallies include cuts that have been aired on The Colorado Sound) … and I’m hoping to see the fruition of the goals and direction passed by the KRFC Board of Directors last August 2010 directing a Colorado-centric format be put in place.

Currently, the most played Colorado titles of 2011 at KRFC are:

1. Finnders and Youngberg – FY5 (bluegrass/country)
2. John-Alex Mason – Jook Joint Thunderclap (blues)
3. Halden Wofford & the Hi Beams – Sinners & Saints (americana/country)
4. Mollie O’Brien and Rich Moore – Saints & Sinners  (americana/folk)
5. Big Head Todd & The Monsters – Big Head Blues Club: 100 Years of Robert Johnson (blues)
6. Fierce Bad Rabbit – Spools of Thread (rock, alternative)
7. Devotchka – 100 Lovers (adult alternative)
8. Grant Gordy – Grant Gordy (neo-acoustic, bluegrass, jazz)
9. Bonnie and The Clydes – Bonnie And The Clydes (americana/trad-country)
10. Musketeer Gripweed – Dyin’ Day (rock, blues, jamband)

Okay – that’s it … I’ll be back this weekend with a new playlist and more new music ….

Author: goat

I've been on the air in Northern Colorado since 1978. The Colorado Playlist is broadcast on 30 FM frequencies in the state. I am also a musician, talent buyer and business consultant. Email me at coloradoplaylist@gmail.com

One thought on “Where Ya Been Goat???”

  1. Thanks for supporting Front Range musicians…it was my home for 30 years. I now live in Sacramento, and work as an audio engineering instructor and mastering engineer for Burger Records (Orange County based record label/store). I mastered The Dirty Lookers album…it was a pleasure, and I’m glad people are enjoying it.

    Patrick Haight

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