The Colorado Sound – VOL 4 EP 1 2012

There is no news and notes segment this week.  An old friend, Creighton Holley, passed away this week.  He was 65.  He was one of Denver’s best blues / rhythm & blues guitarists and singers.  RIP Creighton.  Gonna be lots of us “older” folk who will miss you.

Big Head Todd & The Monsters “Bittersweet” from Midnight Radio (1990)
Reckless Red “Cold Black Devil” from Reckless Red (2011)
(NT) Strip the Stars “The Simple Things” from Strip the Stars (2012)
(D) Black Postcards “Inception” from Inside the Shadow Box (2012)
(D) Places “The Fire” from No More Wasted Days (2012)
(D) J. Carey “Sorry” from Sorry (2011)
The Love Royale “Come Over” from Love Letters (2010)
Dianne Reeves “Afro Blue” from I Remember (1988)
(NT) Jon Boland “Top Hat” from Lightning in the Wires (2012)
(NT) Longest Day Of The Year “Took All Winter” from Turn Into the Ground (2012)
J. Shogren “Hand Grenade” from American Holly (2009)
Bill Frisell “Baba Drame” from History, Mystery (2008)
Zephyr “High Flying Bird” from Sunset Ride (Reissue: 2000)
(D) The Yawpers “Worthless” from Savage Blue (2012)
(D) The Crags “Chain Reaction” from Big Divide (2011)
The Dirty Lookers “Cry On” from Audio Voyeur (2011)
(NT) El Toro de la Muerte “Things In My Head” from Dancer These Days (2011)
(D) Creighton Holley “Day In Day Out” [single]
Dan Treanor, Creighton Holley, Kyle Roberts “Southbound Train” from American Primitive (2010)
Dan Treanor, Creighton Holley, Kyle Roberts “Big Bayou” from American Primitive (2010)
(D) Oakhurst “Hallelu” from Barrel (2012)
Hillbilly Hellcats “Dead Man’s Party” from Westword ’96 Music Awards Showcase (1996)
(NT) John Statz “Old Old Fashioned” from Old-Fashioned (2012)
(NT) Kathryn Mostow “Big White Cast” from Rich Girl (2011)
The Congress “Loretta” from The Congress (2010)
Chie Imaizumi “The More the Merrier” from Unfailing Kindness (2006)

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