The Colorado Sound – V4 EP29 2012

Here’s this week’s playlist – rather unadorned but I’m scrambling getting the August spins chart done.

Leftover Salmon “Dance On Your Head” from The Nashville Sessions (1999)
Danielle Ate the Sandwich “Faith In a Man” from Like A King (2012)
Matthew Moon “Don’t Change for Me” from Matthew Moon (2009)
Megan Burtt “Pay It Now” from It Ain’t Love (2010)
Jami Lunde “Some Place Tonight” from Big Black Birds (2011)
(N) The Knew “Bang the Drum” from Man Monster (2012)
(D) Ballistic (feat. Xiren) “Stay Away” from Stay Away (2012)
Rob Drabkin “Sweet Things” from On These Heavy Feet (2009)
Gabrielle Louise “Oh Caroline” from Cigarettes & Sentiments (2008)
Elephant Revival “Rhythm of the Road” from Break in the Clouds (2010)
(D) Jeff Bostic “Crutch” [single] (2012)
Arliss Nancy “Should’ve Been There” from Simple Machines (2012)
Raincheck “Right There” from Raincheck (2012)
The Reejers “Pick Up the Pieces” from OHMS (1993)
Devotchka “Contrabanda” from 100 Lovers (2011)
Broken Tongues “Does Hip Hop Remember the Jazz?” from Crooked Skyline (2012)
In The Whale “Heels” from Cake (2012)
Full Belly “Too Blessed to be Stressed” from New Voice (2011)
(D) Sofie Reed “Simplicity Chased Trouble Away” from Simplicity Chased Trouble Away (2012)
Billy & Liza “Barstool” from It’s About Time (2001)
Gary Bragg “Free Range” from High Plains Storm (2011)
The Fray “Heartbeat” from Scars and Stories (2012)
Beats Noir! “Bad Beats” from 13 Tracks From the Dark Side of The Beat (2011)
(D) Dressy Bessy “Hey, Alice!” from Summer Singles Volume 1 (2012)
Amazing Twin “A Man Does Ands” from Grown Alone (2012)
The Belle Jar “Big Black World” from Fall Systems Go (2010)
Al Hood “Just A Little Taste” from Just A Litte Taste: Al Hood Plays The Writing Of Dave Hanson (2008)

Author: goat

I've been on the air in Northern Colorado since 1978. The Colorado Playlist is broadcast on 30 FM frequencies in the state. I am also a musician, talent buyer and business consultant. Email me at

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