The Colorado Sound – V4 EP30 2012

Big news this week comes from John Macy who posted on his facebook page: “Doing some prep work for tracking the new Richie Furay record later this month in Nashville…we will also be working on a song with Richie and the Dirt Band for the upcoming Dan Fogleberg tribute record…gonna be awesome…”

Yes it is!

Here’s what got played on this week’s show.
Richie Furay
“Kind Woman” from Heartbeat of Love (2006)
Big Head Todd & The Monsters “Broken Hearted Savior” from Sister Sweetly (1993)
Churchill “Change” from Change EP (2012)
FaceMan “HighGear” from Feeding Time (2012)
(D) Tin Horn Prayer “Stumble” from Grapple the Rails (2012)
Carbon Choir “Ordinary Lives” from Sakhalin (2012)
The Epilogues “The Escape” from The Beautiful The Terrifying (2008)
Achille Lauro “Hard Pressed” from Flight or Flight (2012)
Rebel Tongue “Lose Hope” from Movin’ On (2012)
(N) Bonnie and The Clydes “Feel The Wheels Turn” from Wrong Side Up (2012)
Musketeer Gripweed “Dyin’ Day” from Dyin’ Day (2010)
Kyle Hollingsworth “Not Yet” from Never Odd Or Even (2005)
Rick Roberts “In My Own Small Way” from Windmills (1973)
Rick Stahl “Rendezvous” from Harmony House (2012)
(N) Sofie Reed “Human Every Day” from Simplicity Chased Trouble Away (2012)
Bare Bones “Hope & Feather” from Bare Bones (2011)
Liquid Playground “I Can See Inside Your Head” from A Shimmer of Glope (1997)
(D) Ending People “Beat of My Heart” from Fill Your Lungs (2012)
Flobots “Handlebars” from Fight With Tools (2008)
Bad Weather California “I’ll Reach Out My Hand” from Sunkissed (2012)
Selasee Atiase “One Day” from African Gate (2010)
Chris Daniels “Medical Marijuana” from Better Days (2012)
Lionel Young Band “Blues & Boogie Woogie” from On Our Way to Memphis (2011)
Dan Treanor, Creighton Holley, Kyle Roberts “Big Bayou” from American Primitive (2010)
(D) Free Bear “The Repeater” from Free Bear (2012)

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