Need 2 bands to play tornado fundraiser + donations

I am helping out with a fundraiser for victims of the recent tornado in Oklahoma. The event is set up to help 2 smaller towns that got hit by the tornado. Moore is getting a lot of the news and the help but I guess these other 2 towns are not getting hardly any help at all. So folks are working on taking a truck down there now and another one again after the fundraiser. We are asking for both monetary and mostly the personal thing they need the most right now.

We 2 more bands to play at the fundraiser. The following is what bands are playing and when they are playing. It does not include Moby yet as planners are waiting to hear from him. He has already said he wants to play… they’re all just working out details.

Oklahoma Tornado Fundraiser
Saturday June 15
Crossroads Church
Fort Lupton, CO

Oklahoma Tornado Fundraiser – Music lineup
12-1 TBA
1-2 TBA
2-3 Bob Briggs Band
3-4 TBA (Moby tentative)
4-5 Rudy Grant
5-6 Bruce Taylor Band

Oklahoma Tornado Fundraiser – Items In Most Need
Baby Wipes
Work Gloves
Water Bottles
Trash Bags
Individually Wrapped Snacks-Power Bars
Hand Sanitizer
Hand Towels
Flashlights (cheap LED)
Laundry Soap
Bath Bars (please no liquid as it gets hot and explodes. It will also dry out)
Eye Drops-Contact Cleaner
Toilet Paper
Cleaning Supplies of ALL kinds
Basically all Personal Supplies you can think of

They are asking for baby items the most but they need everything. Any help you can give is much appreciated. We are hoping to be able to take enough stuff to them that they will not have to worry about nothing but rebuilding. Hopefully we can get them all up on their feet quickly.If you’re interested in performing, please contact me directly via email at and I’ll put you in touch with the event planners.

Much love, goat

Author: goat

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4 thoughts on “Need 2 bands to play tornado fundraiser + donations”

  1. I will ask my ‘mates, or can a solo or duet spot… Call me – My phone is blocked because my girlfriend’s getting stalked and I can’t reach you… xoxo

    Sent from camp.

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