Help Put the Holler! Bus Back in Service (?) HUH (?)

… why .. hmmm.. .I am incessantly behind the curve on stuff.  It happens that I am on the board of directors for an organization called Biodiesel for Bands.  I’ve been to one work session.  I’m still confused …but I know that what’s up is important, and I’ve been asked to help.  So, okay, I can do that…

Instead of you running off to the site, here’s the lowdown … please read through to the end; I’d like to ask a favor of you – but you kinda have to know what’s up first – right?  I grabbed this info from the org’s FB page.


Biodiesel for Bands (BFB) is a membership network of musicians, artists, supporting organizations and music fans that provides education, affordable touring vehicles and biodiesel fuel; saving our members money while reducing their carbon footprint.

Company Overview
Biodiesel for Bands (BFB) is an organization dedicated to helping bands tour more efficiently and economically, while reducing their carbon footprint. BFB will accomplish this by providing touring vehicles and discounted biodiesel fuel processed locally from both donated restaurant grease and animal fat. Our goal is to make touring more affordable for bands that live and play in Colorado, and expand operations nationwide. Our intention is to build an ever expanding network of non-profit biodiesel fueling centers, so that musicians can tour the country and make more profit, while reducing their carbon footprint. BFB will also offer affordable drivers and touring vehicles, along with tour consultation and other services to our members.

Biodiesel for Bands will provide professional, clean and timely waste oil removal services for participating restaurants nationwide. Customer service to our donating restaurants will be our highest priority. Restaurants will receive a tax deduction for these donations.. Restaurants that donate to BFB will also benefit from an increase in internet and social media traffic via our website, facebook and twitter feeds. They will also be helping to reduce petroleum consumption locally and help musicians and bands to tour and return home with more money in their pockets. Musicans and Artists with more money in their pockets, eat and drink out more often…the circle of life.

General Information

BFB will provide high quality biodiesel to member bands at a subsidized rate. BFB will also provide technical assistance, consultation, and support for bands that are looking to purchase a touring vehicle. Some diesel vehicles are more compatible than others when it comes to using SVO and B100, so BFB will help members make good decisions when making their next vehicle purchase. For member bands that do not own a diesel vehicle for touring, they can rent one from BFB and our partners at affordable rates.

The Holler!’s Michael Kirkpatrick has offered his bus to the organization, but it needs repairs.  The organization is in a position to secure a grant that will go a long way to making those repairs.  What it takes is getting folks to endorse the organization’s efforts.  You can do that here.  You have to sign up to be counted.  I honestly don’t know more than that.  This is a worthy cause you guys, and one I’d love to see you support.  

Much love, 

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