A look at Hooks at the House

Another brother covering the scene. Thanks Marc.

Denver Original Music

Songwriters' night at the Park House Songwriters’ night at the Park House Park House recently celebrated its second year in business – a quaint bar with kitchen and multiple comfortable nooks. Among those nooks are couches, a smoker’s lounge, John Macy’s new studio and a dedicated stage in the main dining room. Here, Ed Skibbe has been running Hooks at the House, a songwriter showcase, since last April.

This special event occurs on the second Tuesdays of every month, already featuring a strong list of local songwriters: John William Davis, Steve Law, Melissa Ivey, Angie Stevens, Richard Dean, John Common and Jess DeNicola, Dave Preston, Rachel James, Victoria Woodworth, David Starr, Casey Frazier, Katey Laurel, and Satchel Gleason.

My goal was to create a consistent place for songwriters to gather, network, listen, learn, and perform–though an invitation to perform is somewhat exclusive. I want Hooks to be at least a tiny slice of what the Bluebird…

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