The Colorado Sound S8|EP45 2014

I’m Austin today (Sunday).  I’ve never been here before.  I’m staying across the street from the legendary Continental Club.  It’s been a whirlwind of a day, all of it spent with my new friends from Nomad Sound.  Sorry to say I was too exhausted by 10 to walk across the street and check out the Continental.  Maybe tomorrow night.

Getting here was no easy task.  I don’t fly well as it is, and the flight was a stomach churning adventure .. on top of dealing with day five of a cold, that pretty much sapped my strength.

euforquestra lyons nov 2014The highlight of my weekend was working with my friends in Euforquestra and Judge Roughneck at Oskar Blues in Lyons.  Packed room, and everyone groovin’ … hellofa night! Here’s some video of Euforquestra’s set and something from Judge Roughneck.

I don’t have a news and notes segment to share this week, sorry.  I left it on my office computer.  I also do not have a video of the wee pick.  I did not find one.  I was excited to debut a new release from the Greeley based Silver & Gold this week.  Their recording was sent to me by a fan, who heard my show on KUNC.  Props to the fan for doing that.  This is a solid “new” addition to the Greeley/NoCO music scene.  Check out a review in Greeley’s Bandwagon.  Also new this week are a couple of really excellent new jazz recordings from the Ben Markley/Clint Ashlock Quintet, and the Dana Landry Trio (also from Greeley).


This is the last installment of my visit with Reed Foehl.   I really appreciate the time that we spent together.  If you’d like to download it, please visit KUNC or Radio 94.9 Colorado.  


Hour 1

Otis Taylor “Hands On Your Stomach” from Respect The Dead (2001)
John William Davis “Bull Gator Blues” from Dreams of the Lost Tribe (2002)
(D) Silver & Gold “Peace As A Bird” from Compression (2014)
Fierce Bad Rabbit “Wildflowers” from Maestro & the Elephant (2013)
Kyle Hollingsworth “Ordinary” from Speed of Life (2014)
Danielle Ate the Sandwich “Faith In A Man” from Like A King (2012)
Head for The Hills “Dependency Co.” from Blue Ruin (2013)
Whiskey Blanket “Blatto Nox” from From the Dead of Dark (2014)
Juno What?! “Shamless” from Shameless (2011)
Musketeer Gripweed “A Train” from Floods and Fires (2014)
Dubskin “Freedom Fighter” from Release from Fear (2011)
(D) Ben Markley ~ Clint Ashlock Quintet “The Return” from The Return (2014)


The Rainy Daze “Good Morning Mr. Smith” from That Acapulco Gold (1967)
Boenzee Cryque “Still In Love with You” (1967)
(N) Leftover Salmon “Get Up and Go” from High Country (2015)
Ark Life “Rock & Roll (Take It Easy)” from The Dream of You and Me (2014)
Achille Lauro “Lightning” from Flight or Flight (2012)
Esme Patterson “Tumbleweed” from Woman To Woman (2014)
Reed Foehl “Wolves” from Once An Ocean (2009)
Future Jazz Project “Stress” from True By Design (2007)
(N) Nina Storey “Private Army” from Think Twice (2013)
Andy Ard “That’s What She Did To Me” from What She Did (2009)
(D) Dana Landry Trio “Frank’s Tune” from Memphis Skyline (2014)

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