A REVIEW: Chris Daniels & the Kings feat. Freddi Gowdy – Funky To The Bone

The hardest thing for me to do is write about my friends, especially when my friends and I are personally close and do business together. So, this is my public testament that a) I love everything Chris has ever done, b) he’s a very close friend who I adore as a person, c) I am a very old school Freddi-Henchi Band and Freddi-Henchi & the Soulsetters fan, and d) these are my first thoughts and feelings as I sit and listen for what I’d like to play on The Colorado Sound, and suggest as focus tracks on the album. This is gonna be really hard you know.

Chris and Freddi trade lead vocal duties on this album. Lots of folks today don’t know Fred Gowdy, aka Freddi Gowdy, aka Freddi “Love” Gowdy. Freddi’s legacy stretches back pre-Colorado to the mid-sixties, the genesis of Freddi-Henchi & the Soulsetters aka The Crown Princes of Funk; pre Freddi-Henchi Band for those who remember that Boulder based band.  This album features two classics from that early era, “Funky To the Bone” the title track, and I Want To Dance, Dance, Dance.

The tracks as were presented to me….

It opens with “Funky To The Bone,”  …slips into something that fits nicely next to the Subdudes with “Something You Got” …. and back into the real roots of booty bumpin’ funk “Don’t Let Your Mouth Write No Checks.” …first three songs out of the box and you know you’re not slowing down for the rest …tastefully changes gears as the arrangements sweep across a wide ranging geography of American soul and funk … and big band and gospel…

…gospel – Joy … get on up like you just don’t care and wave your arms to the shear exaltation in Chris’ voice on this track.. one of the most life affirming tracks in Chris’ huge catalog of great songs.

Cool Breeze … the first time i’ve ever heard someone rap in a chris daniels song… wow … nice touch buddy with that late 70s/80s g benson groove thrown in on the backside … big band horns … can i vote for this for arrangement of the decade? one of the greatest lost arts imo is arranging – this qualifies as a class lesson in the subject.

Dance Dance Dance is how it’s done “kids.” throw back out of the Freddi-Henchi & the Soulsetters catalogue. as revelent and groovy as it was in the 70s Freddi! Larry would be proud I think. and omg Doody’s trumpet solo…NICE!

… nice transition … cd gets his NYC meets SF blue eyed soul “Frank” groove on in What A Day .. Chris at his most soulful with a big band horn arrangement that would have fit right in on Louie Louie …

Nobody Knows flashes me back to my Philly roots …Santana / Neville Brothers infused … LTD / Teddy Pendergrast/TSOP …a touch of Philly’s Frankie Beverly and Maze … back to the west side for that tasty guitar solo.


Hey Chris? I’m gonna have a problem finding a focus track buddy.

Much love,

PS .. the band is launching a kickstarter program on Monday Jan 5 to help fund national promotion of this record. The cd release date is Valentine’s Day, Feb 14, at Herman’s Hideaway in Denver. The national release date will be March 1.

PPS .. Bill Payne (Little Feat, Leftover Salmon) on B3 is sick .. seriously.  wow.

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