The Colorado Sound S9 EP1 2015

(Sunday Jan 4) Happy New Year.  One of the greatest things about the long year-end holiday season is that people tend to get cabin fever …resulting in more people in places where there is live music taking place, it seems to me.  And I get more new music directed my way this time of year.  Westword published their BEST OF 2014 list, the last of the “major” publications and shows to do so.  It goes to show there is more music in our region than even we “experts” can account for.  There is not a lot of crossover between their 31 BEST OF and the TOP 50 I posted on the 1st.  There is a lot of diversity in Colorado music.

No video this week.  No new music to share.  I do have a new episode of Offstage Beyond the Music this week – featuring Colorado Music Hall of Fame executive director G Brown.  If you’d like to download the podcast please visit the Offstage Beyond the Music page.



The Samples “Underwater People” from Underwater People (1992)
Sixteen Horsepower “Black Soul Choir” from Sackcloth ‘n’ Ashes (1996)
Calder’s Revolvers “I Gotta Know” from Sunday Morning (2014)
Johnny O. Band “Back On the Road Again” from Parapalooza Garage Sets V – Evolution (2007)
Andy Palmer “Good Son” from Hazard of the Die (2013)
Tennis “Needle and a Knife” from Ritual In Repeat (2014)
Rachel & the Kings “Running” from Edge of Me EP (2014)
Flobots “The Circle In the Square” from The Circle in the Square (2012)
Beats Noir! “Where The Sun Goes Down” from Where the Sun Goes Down (2013)
Joe Sampson “Moon Up Above” from Kill Our Friends (2012)
SHEL “Freckles” from SHEL (2012)
Brad Goode “All Fall Down” from Chicago Red (2013)


Manassas “Colorado” from Manassas (1972)
Zephyr “Sold My Heart” from Sunset Ride (2000)
(N) Brothers Keeper “Why Do You Fall” from Todd Meadows (2014)
Nina Storey “Run for Cover” from Think Twice (2013)
Jeff Austin “Simple Truth” from The Simple Truth (2015)
Poco “Kind Woman (Live)” from The Essential Poco (2005)
Chris Daniels “South Carolina” from Better Days (2012)
(N) Yawpers “Faith and Good Judgement” from Spokesbuzz Volume 5 (2014)
Rob Drabkin “Feeling Good Again” from Little Steps EP (2013)
Pandas & People “On My Way” from Pandas & People (2014)
Bill Frisell “Baja” from Guitar In the Space Age (2014)

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