Must Read: Martin Mills on Billboard Streaming Charts

just some food for thought as it relates to my most recent post on what LOCAL bands rely on for revenue, and how streaming plays into it.

Music Technology Policy

In case you haven’t noticed, Billboard and The Official Charts have begun including streaming in measuring chart ranking.  Now think about that for a minute–in a world where artists like Taylor Swift are windowing with great success how can you ever think that it’s a good idea to use streaming as a way of measuring success?  There’s deeper reasons for why streaming is at best a premature but even if you don’t have time to think about the deeper reasons, the mere fact that it is becoming increasingly obvious that streaming can be a null set for an increasing number of artists would make you question that wisdom.

As Martin Mills said in a must-read recent speech (“MARTIN MILLS: NEW BILLBOARD CHART RISKS DUMBING DOWN MUSIC“):

Generally speaking, independent labels work principally with album artists, the majors, since their main marketing tool is airplay, primarily with artists capable…

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