Logged Titles – Jan ’09-March ’10

Someone asked me if I’d post the entire list of album titles we currently have logged … here it is .. Release dates Jan ’09 thru March ’10

May-09    20XIII – Take Two and Call in the Morning
Nov-09    A Melodic Daydream – A Little Weird
Nov-09    Aakash Mittal Quartet – Videsh
Oct-09    Adam Bodine Trio – The Chauffer
Mar-09    Adam Stern – Twang Shui
May-09    After Midnight – Autumn Leaves
Feb-10    Almost Legends – Eyes
Aug-09    Aloft in the Sundry – Fore (ep)
Mar-10    Andrea Ball – Dial Tone
Sep-09    Andy Ard – What She Did
Aug-09    Andy Irvine – Soul Clap
May-09    Angie Stevens & the Beautiful Wreck – Queen of This Mess
May-09    Arliss Nancy – Dance to Forget
Sep-09    Asia Jazz Project f/ Molina Soleil & Aju – Sacred Paths
Apr-09    Bad Weather California – Young Punks
Mar-10    Barbara Ernst – April Child: Mistura Bela (Beautiful Mix)
Feb-09    Ben Markley – Second Introduction
Mar-10    Big Head Todd & the Monsters – Smokestack Lightening (single)
Feb-09    Bill Frisell – The Best of Bill Frisell, Vol. 1: Folk Songs
Apr-10    Bill McKay – Bill McKay
Apr-09    Blue Canyon Boys – House Full of Sorrow
Jan-09    Bobby Walker – Git It
Jan-09    Bonnie Lowdermilk – Up To Now
Aug-09    Boulder Acoustic Society – Punchline
Sep-09    Candy Claws – In the Dream of the Sea Life
Mar-10    Carbon Choir – High Beams
Oct-09    Chad Price – Smile Sweet Face
Nov-09    Chris Daniels & Bmaster – We’ll Meet Again
Feb-10    Chuck Pyle – The Spaces In Between
Aug-09    Churchill – Churchill
Sep-09    Coles Whalen – The Whistle Stop Road Record
Apr-09    Cowtown – No End of Love
Feb-09    Dan Craig – the Accidents e.p.
Feb-10    Dango Rose – Banjo Poems
Mar-09    Danielle Ate The Sandwich – Things People Do
Mar-10    Dave LeMieux & House of Soul – Jazz Shaped
Mar-10    David Williams & the Wildgrass Band – The Crazy Kind
Oct-09    Death Hickey Blues – Raleigh St.
Jan-09    Debajo del Agua – The World Upside Down
Sep-09    Devil Got Five – Devil Got Five
Jan-10    Dovekins – Dovekins
Feb-09    Drag the River – Bad at Breaking Up
Jan-09    Dualistics – Dualistics ep
Sep-09    Dubskin – No End In Time
Aug-09    Dwarf Planets – Far and Away Sessions
May-09    Eileen Simon – The Visit
Jan-10    Ellyn Cornelison Rucker & Ross Cornelison – Every Time We Say Goodbye
Sep-09    Emmitt-Nershi Band – New Country Blues
Sep-09    Erik Applegate – Red Skies
Jul-09    Erik Lunde – Another Country
May-09    Ethyl & the Regulars – Fill ‘er Up With…
Oct-09    Euforquestra – Soup
Nov-09    Everything Absent or Distorted – The Lucky One
Jul-09    Fafi aka 3Percent – Groove or Die
Jun-09    Fierce Bad Rabbit – Everything Is Alright
Mar-10    Fierce Bad Rabbit – All I Have is You (single)
Nov-09    Flashbulb Fires – Glory
Mar-10    Flobots – Survival Story
Aug-09    Flying Dragon Orchestra – Flying Dragon Orchestra
Aug-09    Fred Hess – Hold On
Mar-09    Glove Trucker – Tengo Sueno
Mar-10    Great American Taxi – Reckless Habits
May-09    Gregory Alan Isakov – This Empty Northern Hemisphere
Apr-09    Gritch – Sunday Morning Train EP
Aug-09    GT and the Sidewinders – Across America
Jul-09    Handpicked Holler! – Road to Gemini
Aug-09    Hard Pressed – In A Different Time
Dec-09    Head for the Hills – Head for the Hills
Oct-09    Hello Kavita – To A Loved One
Jun-09    Honey Don’t – Honey Don’t
May-09    Houses – Spring EP
Aug-09    Houses – Summer EP
Oct-09    Houses – Fall EP
May-09    Jasco – Ain’t Just Blues
Sep-09    Jen Korte & the Loss – Jen Korte & the Loss
Jan-09    Jeremy Dion – Finally
Jan-10    Joel Decatur – Seeking the House-Builder
Jan-10    John Common & Blinding Flashes of Light – Beautiful Empty
Dec-09    Jon Ridnell – Reliance
Feb-09    Jon Snodgrass – Visitor’s Band
Mar-10    Jonathan Tierstan & Ten Tiers – Ten Tiers
Aug-09    Juno What?! – Late Night
Apr-09    Keith Oxman – Doing All Right
Apr-09    King For A Day – Ghost In the Mainstream
May-09    Kort McCumber – Ain’t the Same As Before
Jan-10    Kosmos – Skeptics In Love
Aug-09    Kyle Hollingsworth – Then There’s Now
Dec-09    Leftover Salmon – Celebrating 20 Years of Leftover Salmon
Jul-09    Lelah Simon – Third Week of April
Jan-09    Lionel Young – Beautiful Day
Jan-10    Loose Cannon Bluegrass – Loose Cannon Bluegrass
Sep-09    Los Rojos Calientes – Corazon
Jun-09    Love.45 – Into the Ether
Sep-09    M. Pyres & New Past Tense – Apart The Echo
Aug-09    Maree McRae – Urgency
Sep-09    Martin Gilmore – Martin Gilmore
Aug-09    Marty Jones & the Great Unknowns – Drink & Song
Sep-09    Mary Louise Buirgy & Pamela Robinson – A Call To Prayer
Nov-09    Mary Stribling – Litlting Little Heart
Jan-10    Matt Morris – When Everything Breaks Open
Jan-09    Matt Skellenger – Parentheticals
Jan-10    Megan Burtt – It Ain’t Love
Jan-09    Meryl Romer – So Sure
Jun-09    Michaela Ray – Blues With A Backbone
May-09    Mighty Eighteen Wheeler – Stimuls Package
Oct-09    Mike Schikora – This Cowboy’s In Love
Jun-09    Mojomama – My Heart for You
Mar-10    Molina Soleil & Aju f/ DJ Icewater – Soulaju
Dec-09    Moonspeed – Flowers of the Moon
Oct-09    Moors & McCumber – Moors & McCumber
May-09    Motorhome – Almost Vegas
Mar-09    Nancy Thorwardson – Something In the Air
May-09    Neil Bridge 7+ – “Yes, I Am Still Here”
Jan-10    New Ben Franklins – New Ben Franklins
Jul-09    Ode to the Marionette – Uncomfortable Situation
May-09    Other Side of Clearview – Sweet Release
Jun-09    Otis Taylor – Pentatonic Wars and Love Songs
Jan-10    Paean – Songs For Us To Sing
Jun-09    Palmer Divide – Shenandoah Train
Oct-09    Papa Juke – Junkin’ at Jack’s
Jun-09    Paper Bird – A Sky Underground ep
Jun-09    Paul Soderman – This House is Blue!
Oct-09    P-Nuckle – Stand Up and Bitch
Sep-09    Post Paradise – Here to Anywhere
Jan-09    Poudre River Band – The Bellvue Dome
Oct-09    Pretty Lights – Passing By Behind Your Eyes
Dec-09    Quillion – To the Hilt
Dec-09    Railbenders – Like A Wheel
Mar-09    Redline Rockets – RPM Thousands
May-09    Reed Foehl – Once An Ocean
Jan-09    Rhythm Angels – Girls Like Us
Jul-09    Ricky Sweum – Pulling Your Own Strings
Jan-09    Rob Drabkin – On These Heavy Feet
Oct-09    Robin Davis – Robin Davis
Mar-10    Romano Paoletti – Story of a Lifetime
Feb-09    Ron Holleman – Shambhala Jazz
Dec-09    Rosalie – Metaphors for Hard Living
Jan-10    Runaway Express – Howlin At the Moon
Jun-09    Saints – Saints
Aug-09    Savage Henry – Step Lively
Nov-09    Scott Von – The Age of Plenty
Aug-09    Shel – Try to Scream
Nov-09    Six Months to Live – This Is What Happens
Aug-09    Sonnenblume – Sonnenblume
Feb-09    SoundRabbit – Tree Trunk Airplanes
Jan-10    Sour Boy, Bitter Girl – Songs About the Landscape or Songs About Wolf Army
Aug-09    Speakeasy, Tiger – The Public
May-09    Spring Creek – Way Up On a Mountain
May-09    Stanleytones – Women Make Me Act Like A Fool
May-09    Stella Luce – Zugenruhe
Oct-09    String Cheese Incident – Trick or Treat
Mar-09    Taarka – Seed Gathering for a Winter Garden
Mar-10    Tage Plantell – Words and Music
Oct-09    Tango Red Tapestry – The Window EP
Jan-10    Tequila Mockingbird – Luck & Trouble
Sep-09    The Apples In Stereo – #1 Hits Explosion
Mar-10    The Autumn Film – The Ship and the Sea
Dec-09    The Beautiful Loser Society – The Long Slow Decline
Mar-10    The Big Motif – Big Motif
Oct-09    The Changing Colors – Ghost of Red Mountain
Jan-10    The Congress – The Congress
Jan-09    The Delta Sonics – Never Enough
Jan-10    The Don’t and Be Carefuls – Risk Assessment
Dec-09    the Epilogues & the Photo Atlas – Friendship EP
Oct-09    The Grippe – The Grippe
Mar-09    The Hollyfelds – Black Heart Blue e.p.
Mar-09    The Honey Gitters – Barrel-Sniffer’s Holiday
Sep-09    The Inactivists – Love Songs and Other Songs About Love
Aug-09    The Informants – Crime Scene Queen
Mar-10    The Intervention Band – Homey
Mar-10    The Jurassicasters – The Jurassicasters
Feb-09    The Kirkpatrick Project – Opportunity
Mar-10    The Knew – The Knew’s Pulperia
Oct-09    The Mitguards – Lookin’ For Something True
Jul-09    The Motet – Dig Deep
May-09    The North 17th Street Band – Dirt On the Tires
May-09    The Piggies – Rusted Bullets
Oct-09    The Reminders – Recollect
Nov-09    The Stone Project – An Art to Life
Jan-09    The Subdudes – Live at the Rams Head
Aug-09    The Subdudes – Flower Petals
Jul-09    The Trampolines – Between the Lines
Sep-09    Todd Adelman & the Love Handles – Todd Adelman & the Love Handles
Mar-10    Tommy Metz – The Blossom Frontier
Jan-09    Trinity Demask – Crucible
Aug-09    Trucker’s Daughter – Broken Down Love
Nov-09    Ukulele Loki’s Gadabout Orchestra – Gadabout Orchestra
Dec-09    Various Artists – Love, Everyday Joe’s | Vol. 3: Wake Up, O Sleeper
Dec-09    Vices I Admire – The Politics of Apathy
Apr-09    Weekend Weather – Heat Lightning
Nov-09    Weird Turn Prose – Sundowner
Jun-09    Wendy & Robin – Saving Grace
May-09    Wentworth Kersey – (O)
Sep-09    Yonder Mountain String Band – The Show
Jul-09    Yvonne Meek – Mosaic
Jan-09    Zonky Tonk Zydeco – Zydecoliosis

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