The Colorado Sound – Vol. 2, Episode 12 2010

Devotchka “Vengo! Vengo!” from Una Volta (2003)
The Subdudes “Work Clothes” from Street Symphony (2007)
NEW – Apples in Stereo “Dance Floor” from Travelers in Space and Time (2010)
NEW – The Foot. “High Design” from Primary Colors (2010)
NEW – The Rouge “Lady Luck” from Blasting Room session (C. Jak) (2010)
The Autumn Film “Always the Same” from The Ship and the Sea (2010)
Candy Claws “The Sun Is My Girl” from In the Dream of the Sea Life (2009)
NEW – Wentworth Kersey “Sun and Moon” from ((O)) (2010)
Andrea Ball “Letter” from Dial Tone (2010)
Hello Kavita “Colorado” from To A Loved One (2009)
Ash Ganley “Lonely World” from Cruel Waters (2008)
Rebecca Folsom “Not A Child” from Shine (2004)
Aakash Mittal Quartet “Mughal Impressions” from Videsh (2009)

Big Head Todd and the Monsters “Runaway Train” from Riviera (2002)
NEW – Jon Ridnell “Angels” from Reliance (2010)
Great American Taxi “Reckless Habits” from Reckless Habits (2010)
Emmitt-Nershi Band “Surfing the Red Sea” from New Country Blues (2009)
Houses “Me & Mr. Kelly” from Summer (2009)
Carbon Choir “Bullet Past Your Head” from High Beams (2010)
Gritch “Sunday Morning Train (Electronic)” from Sunday Morning Train (2009)
NEW – Nathaniel Rateliff “Early Spring Till” from In Memory of Loss (2010)
Rainville “Pass That Bottle Down” from Collecting Empties (1999)
NEW – The Haunted Windchimes “Don’t Take My Baby Away” from Honey Moonshine (2010)
Six Months to Live “Knock Three Times” from This Is What Happens (2009)
Wendy Woo Trio “Crisis” from Luxury (2007)
Dave LeMieux & The House Of Soul “Finding the Groove” from Jazz Shaped (2010)

Author: goat

I've been on the air in Northern Colorado since 1978. The Colorado Playlist is broadcast on 27 FM frequencies in the state, 60 hours a week.

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