MMMM April 19 2010

There is no MMMM (Monday Morning Music Meeting) per se this day… (but see the end of the blog for a taste).

That’s because I’m still in the midst of a home remodel that is kicking this old goat’s ass – and has to be done before Mom arrives for an inspection in early May.  So bear with me gang.  What I did find this morning however, piqued my interest enough to share it with you… and it was this quote:

What the radio industry should be doing is building local programs with local personalities featuring local bands and artists and originating from local stations.

This quote came from the op-ed piece iTunes “Radio” Is Coming by Jerry Del Colliano from his Inside Music Media blog this morning.

So, this is my call to my brothers and sisters at public and community radio throughout the state — that we are among those fighting the good fight on behalf of our LOCAL bands and artists, and we are among those who fight the good fight for LOCAL news and information, presented by LOCAL personalities.

Let’s not lose sight of the service we offer our neighbors – our family and friends – who trust us to deliver  something different than what they get from the “Clear Channels” of the radio world.

It saddened me when a friend I spoke with this weekend, who is a host at a local community radio station, told me that he listens not to the station he broadcasts from, but rather to a local NPR affiliate everyday on his drive home, in order to get the kind of news delivery he considers important to him.

It saddens me when a group of volunteer programmers in a blind survey and in a public showing of hands admit to listening more to other other stations and to other devices like iPods and Pandora than to the station that they are personalities at.  Of course, all of these same people privately and quietly make the assumption that their shows are being listened to by others… even when the ratings research and their own survey answers indicate otherwise.

All of the evidence that’s being presented today indicates that radio as we’ve known it in my 55 years is fading into obsolescence.  I cannot predict how long that will take.  No one can, really.  At least not until the government dictates that this old technology needs to be put to rest permanently – as the British government has done (they’re turning off their analog signals in 2015 I believe).  How behind the Brits we are is a good question — but when iTunes becomes iRadio you just know it isn’t far behind.

And since this is the MMMM here’s a taste of the new Sweet Sunny South album … enjoy!

Sweet Sunny SouthCarried off by a Twister
Genre/Style: Americana, bluegrass, folk
Notes: this is as authentic as you’ll find anywhere in the country today … pure, unfiltered, and unadulterated country/bluegrass music from and for the soul.

Author: goat

I've been on the air in Northern Colorado since 1978. The Colorado Playlist is broadcast on 27 FM frequencies in the state, 60 hours a week.

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