MMMM – Monday August 9, 2010

This past weekend I was the producer/host of the 3rd Annual Carbon Valley Summer Festival held in the town where I live, Dacono.  The bill was very cool and featured some very legendary Colorado performers, including Flash Cadillac, Bobby Walker, Jurrassicasters featuring Dave Beegle, the Starlite Ramblers and a few others not of quite such legendary status.  One of the cool things that happened was that Warren Knight (leader, founder, Flash Cadillac) gave me a package of recordings from Coloradoans from the 60s … I spent a good part of yesterday and early this morning looking up all the titles for dates and labels, etc.

I’ve got a lot of work to do on the house this week so I’m going to take the time to cut edits today … sooooooooo if you want to hear these wonderful classics, please tune into the show the next several weeks, as I feature three or four tracks a show …

Here’s the list of stuff I just got … I also ordered a bunch of new stuff I recently discovered too…

The Search – Dean Reed (Capitol Records – 1959)
A Pair of Scissors – Dean Reed (Capitol Records – 1959)
Our Summer Romance – Dean Reed (Capitol Records – 1960)
Lonely For You – Gary Stites (Carlton Records – 1960)
Starry Eyes – Gary Stites (Carlton Records – 1960)
Ski Country – The Hustlers (Finer Arts Records – 1961)
Drums Fell Off A Cliff – Ronny Kae (Band Box Records -1963)
The La La La Song – The Astronauts (RCA Victor – 1965)
Elusive Butterfly – Bob Lind (World Pacific Records -1966)
Cheryl’s Going Home – Bob Lind (Liberty Records – 1966)
Midnight Snack – The Fantastic Zoo (1966)
Psychedellic (That’s Where it’s At) – The Monocles (Denco – 1966)
The Spider & the Fly – The Monocles (Chicory -1966)
Stupid Girl – The Trolls (Warrior Records – 1966)
That’s the Way My Love Is – The Trolls (Warrior Records – 1966)
Still In Love With You Baby – Boenzee Cryque (1967)
Crazy Bicycle – The Higher Elevation (formerly the Monocles) (Liberty Records – 1967)
Here Comes the Summer – The Higher Elevation (formerly the Monocles) (Liberty Records -1967)
The Diamond Mine – The Higher Elevation (formerly the Monocles) (Liberty Records – 1967)
Odyssey – The Higher Elevation (formerly the Monocles) (Liberty Records -1967)
In My Mind Lives a Forest – The Rainy Daze (UNI Records -1967)
That Acapulco Gold – The Rainy Daze (UNI Records -1967)
Good Morning Mr. Smith – The Rainy Daze (UNI Records -1967)
Blood of Oblivion – The Rainy Daze (UNI Records -1967)
Sally Go Round the Roses – Sunshine Ward (formerly known as the Astronauts) (RCA Victor – 1967)
If We Stick Together – Tim Gilbert (UNI Records – 1967)
Machines – Lothar & the Hand People (Razor & Tie Music – 1968)
L-O-V-E (Ask For It By Name) – Lothar & the Hand People (Razor & Tie Music – 1968)
Blue Man (Peace of Mind) – White Lightnin’ (Sandoz Records – 1970)

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