The Colorado Sound Vol. 2, Episode 29 2010

Okay .. something really “new” to share this week are the tracks from the mid to late 1960s that I’ve been collecting recently.  One batch of those songs came courtesy of Warren Knight (Flash Cadillac) and a collector buddy of his.  Some of the rest of the songs I’ve added to the collection this week came as a result of the research I’ve been doing into Colorado music of the 60s … whereupon I discovered a great collection called Psychedelic States – Colorado in the 60s .. as well as re-released recordings of bands like Lothar & the Hand People.  All in all good fun now that those gems have been added.

I will not be doing a new show next week, since I’m emceeing all three days of Bohemian Nights at New West Fest … have fun .. see ya soon.

30db “Always Up” from One Man Show (2010)
The Congress “Loretta” from The Congress (2010)
The Dualistics “The Optimist” from Crimson (2010)
Emily Hurd “Daytime Fireflies” from Daytime Fireflies (2010)
Eric Shiveley “Celia” from Eden’s Light (2010)
Mechanical Dan “Lay Down” from Mechanical Dan (2010)
Jeff Finlin “East by West” from The Tao of Motor Oil (2010)
Lionel Young “Going to Have My Fun” from Beautiful Day (2009)
The Higher Elevation “Crazy Bicycle” from Crazy Bicycle (1967)
The Rainy Daze “That Acapulco Gold” from That Acapulco Gold (1967)
Something Underground “Lovity Love” from Intention & Release (2010)
NEW – Selasee Atiase “Searching” from African Gate (2010)
Euforquestra “Soup” from Soup (2009)
The Dominant 7 & The Jazz Arts Messengers “Taken for Granted” from 14 Channels (2010)
Romano Paoletti “Hearts and Bones” from Story of a Lifetime (2009)
Halden Wofford and the Hi Beams “Mission Avenue” from Sinners and Saints (2010)
The Gromet “Sink or Sail” from Colorado Captain (2010)
Danielle Ate the Sandwich “Two Bedroom Apartment” from Danielle Ate the Sandwich (2007)
NEW – John McVey “The Con Man’s Easy Chair” from Unpredictable (2010)
Kinetix “Let Me In” from Let Me In (2010)
Born in The Flood “If This Thing Should Spill” from If this Thing Should Spill (2007)
Everything Absent or Distorted (a love story) “Come See the Author” from The Great Collapse (2009)
The Monocles “The Spider & the Fly” from The Spider & the Fly (1966)
Lothar & the Hand People “L-O-V-E (Ask For it by Name)” from Presenting… (1968)
Megan Burtt “Moves” from It Ain’t Love (2010)
Big Head Todd and the Monsters “Runaway Train” from Riviera (2002)
Greg Harris Vibe Quintet “Simplexity” from Glass Gold (2010)

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I've been on the air in Northern Colorado since 1978. The Colorado Playlist is broadcast on 30 FM frequencies in the state. I am also a musician, talent buyer/consultant and business consultant/mentor. Email me at

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