The Colorado Sound – Vol. 3, Ep 6 2011


Dubskin “Love For Music” from No End In Time (2009)
Kenny Perkins “Tiny Distraction” from Wild Frontier (2011)
Tennis “Seafarer” from Cape Dory (2010)
The Ceeds “You Won’t Do That” from Psychedelic States: Colorado in the Sixties (2007) ** Colorado Springs band / orig released 1966 **
Super Band “Acid Indigestion” from Psychedelic States: Colorado in the Sixties (2007) ** Denver band featuring Bob Yeazel / orig released 1967 **
DEBUT – The Big Motif “Does It Weigh Heavy” from Does It Weigh Heavy (2011)
Dan Treanor & African Wind “Mercy” from Mercy (2005)
Love.45 “Letter to Myself” from Love.45 (1999)
Churchill “Miles” from Happy/Sad (2011)
The Raven and the Writing Desk “Marionette” from Recidivist (2010)
The Heyday “Good Old Days” from Till We See the Sun (2010)
Mercury Project “Refuge” from Soapbox Jive (2004)
“3” Squared “Bipolar” from Object (2010)
Emmitt-Nershi Band “Road of Destruction” from New Country Blues (2009)
Ethyl & the Regulars “Long Gone, Long Forgotten” from Fill ‘Er Up With … Ethyl & the Regulars (2009)
John McVey “Lay Your Burden Down” from Unpredictable (2010)
Sherri Jackson “Liberation” from Moments in Denial (1996)
Bob Rea “Platinum Dream” from Ragged Choir (2011)
John Common & Blinding Flashes of Light “Same Scar” from Beautiful Empty (2010)
The Czars “Killjoy” from The Ugly People vs. the Beautiful People (2001)
Devotchka “Contrabanda” from Anti 2010 Fall Sampler (2011)
Big Head Todd and the Monsters “Ramblin’ On My Mind” from Big Head Blues Club – 100 Years of Robert Johnson (2011)
Mandy Harvey “Smiles” from After You’re Gone (2011)
Elephant Revival “Barefoot Friend” from Break in the Clouds (2010)
Carmen Sandim “Sampa” from Brand New (2011)

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I've been on the air in Northern Colorado since 1978. The Colorado Playlist is broadcast on 30 FM frequencies in the state. I am also a musician, talent buyer and business consultant. Email me at

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