MMMM – Joe Johnson – A Time to Dance

Joe Johnson – A Time to Dance (Blank Tape Records)
Home: Colorado Springs by way of Mississippi
Genre/Style: Americana/Country-folk
Recommended / Sample Tracks:

  • Anna
  • Don’t Let Your Blue Eyes Cry
  • Where the Earth Meets the Sky
  • William and Melinda

Thanks to Conor at Blank Tape Records in Colorado Springs for emailing me about this killer new record on their label.

Random access writing engaged. Ghosts and shadows of tradition …. Carter, Williams, and Jennings … spirit and muse.   …way deep soul.  … “voice.”  Way deep age.  …has roots … New Orleans / Mississippi roots … legitimate roots.  The record has soul – it breathes, recorded straight to reel – you can hear the sound of the rocking chair in the beginning of William & Melinda, …”where the fog rolls in, in the morning” … and the almost suffered breathing in the telling of the story.  Where The Earth Meets the Sky – haunting…. eerily sounds like it’s something I have deep inside of me somewhere … a song … a memory … a connection … the language a bit archaic at times … “I’ll be singing Hallelujah when I go by and by.”  And no one says “set forth on this earth for to roam” and gets away with it today unless it really sits in the place where that language is real and expected… a land nearly forgotten by time maybe some where deep in the heart of Mississippi …. or the mountains of Colorado.

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