MMMM – May 23, 2011

Okay — so I’m a slacker when it comes to sharing what’s hot at the goat’s desk … sheeesh … it’s spring, the grass is green (well….sorta) …. naw .. that ain’t it … I’ve been slackin’ is all … did buy some new studio gear to make it easier to produce the show and get it out to everyone though, if that counts…. and I have added a ton of new music to the playlist lately.  Since I’m feelin a bit on the woodsy side of life right now (roots are wood aren’t they?), most of this week’s HOT ADDS list is in that vein.  I’ve included video where there was some to share.   Hope you enjoy. 

John Oates – Mississippi Mile
Sample track:  You Make My Dreams Come True
Genre/Style:  americana, blues, folk
Notes:  Most folks don’t know John Oates is a 20+ year resident of Colorado.  They will now.  This is John’s fourth solo record since 2002’s Phunk Shui – and his most critically acclaimed of the bunch —- reaching back to delta blues and folk and roots music.

Rob Roper – Misfit
Sample track: Misfit
Genre/Style:  rock, adult alternative
Website: Reverbnation page
Notes: Recorded by John McVey.  Mixed by John McVey and Rob Roper at Coupe Studios, Boulder.  Mastered by Dominic Maita at Airshow Mastering, Boulder.
Personnel:  Christian Teele (drums, percussion), Chris Engleman (bass), Eric Moon (keyboards), Greg Schochet (mandolin), Megan Burtt (backing vocals), John McVey (guitars, bass, backing vocals), John Macy (pedal steel), Kyle James Hauser (banjo), BIll Kahler (saxophone)

Jim McTurnan & The Kids That Killed The Man – Joie De Vivre
Sample track: This Will All Work Out
Genre/Style:  rock, indie/alternative, adult alternative
Website: FREE DL at
Notes:  Jim McTurnan is formerly of Cat-A-Tac.

Roger Green – Harder to Tell
Sample track: John Lennon
Genre/Style:  rock, indie/alternative, adult alternative
Notes:  Produced by Colin Bricker adn Roger Green.  Engineered by Colin Bricker, Mario Casilio, and Roger Green at Mighty Fine Productions, Denver CO.
Personnel:  Unless I’ve culled the wrong info from his myspace page, the new album includes/features performances by Natalie Winslow, Eric Moon, Mark Raynes, and Greg Garrison.
Bands and other info:  Roger was an integral part of the Czars for six years, and has worked with and/or appeared with Sixteen Horsepower, Woven Hand, Munly and the Lee Lewis Harlots, Ron Miles, Joe Sampson, Porlolo, Red Cloud, Cowhause / Janet Feder and others.

The Quiet American – Vol II
Sample track: Whiskey Johnny
Genre/Style:  folk
Notes:  In 2003, Aaron moved to Colorado and earned a master’s degree in music history from University of Colorado. In 2004, Aaron founded Boulder Acoustic Society, which has played over 1,000 shows all over the US, focusing on a genre bending mix of folk, rock, jazz and classical.

Finnders & Youngberg – FY5
Sample track: Driftwood
Genre/Style: americana, bluegrass, country-folk
DL & Vinyl:
Notes:  Songwriter and guitarist Mike Finders {say finn-ders} is a two-time winner of the Merlefest Songwriting Contest.  Erin and Aaron Youngberg {yes, that’s right}, were founding members of Hit and Run Bluegrass Band, which won both Telluride and Rockygrass band contests in 2003, as well as subsequent SPGMA and IBMA honors.  Fiddler Ryan Drickey is a former Rockygrass Fiddle Champ and a much-sought session player with the likes of Matt Flinner and Michelle Shocked.  Rich Zimmerman’s mandolin work in the Colorado-based Slipstream is widely heralded as a founding voice in the CPG style of bluegrass.

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