The Colorado Sound – Vol. 3, Episode 33 2011


Big Head Todd & The Monsters “It’s Alright” from E-Town Live (1997)
Townes Van Zandt “Snowin’ on Raton” from E-Town Live Two (1999)
Hot Rize “Blue Night” from Bluegrass Roots frong E-Town (2003)
Jami Lunde “Tupelo” from Big Black Birds (2011)
Kenny Perkins “Last Goodbye” from Wild Frontier (2011)
Air Dubai “Soul & Body”[single] (2011)
No Fair Fights “Kiss From A Rose” from The Sound of Burning Bridges (2011)
Everything Absent or Distorted (a love story) “Aquariums” from The Great Collapse (2009)
Jim McTurnan & the Kids That Killed the Man “Don’t Count Me Out” from Joie De Vivre (2011)
Haunted Windchimes “Wanderin’ Heart” from Live at the Western Jubilee (2011)
Whiskey Blanket “Where We Go” from No Object (2010)
The Little League “Zoo Song” from Magic Words (2009)
Peter Sommer “Looks Like This” from Tremolo Canteen (2010)
Acoustic Junction “Strange Days” from Strange Days (2000)
Churchill “Miles” from Happy/Sad (2011)
(D) The Raven and the Writing Desk “Tiny Terrors” from Bonedale (2011)
FaceMan “BigHead” from FaceMan (2010)
Fierce Bad Rabbit “Move It Along” from Spools of Thread (2010)
Jill Sobule “I Kissed A Girl” from Jill Sobule (1995)
Hickman Dalton Gang “Mr. Wrong” from Hickman Dalton Gang Vol 2 (2011)
(NT) Cassie Taylor “Keys” from Blue (2011)
(NT) Lionel Young Band “Blues & Boogie Woogie” from On Our Way to Memphis (2011)
Halden Wofford & the Hi Beams “Tear It Down” from Sinners & Saints (2010)
Treehouse “21 Hammers” from Blend (1999)
Yonder Mountain String Band “A Father’s Arms” from Town by Town (2001)
Jim Stranahan “I’ve Got No Rhythm In My Feet” from Free For All (2011)

Author: goat

I've been on the air in Northern Colorado since 1978. The Colorado Playlist is broadcast on 30 FM frequencies in the state. I am also a musician, talent buyer and business consultant. Email me at

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