MMMM – Sept 5, 2011 – The Ladies Sing, Pt. 1

Happy Labor Day and almost fall. The summer is just about over, and I realized I hadn’t done an MMMM post in some time. That and the fact that we’re just three full months away from picking who we feel are our “best of 2011” I thought I’d better get back in the swing of things.

I’ve been listening to a lot of ladies sing lately – and for damn good reason… there have been some truly excellent recordings that have come out recently from the ladies in the state. Couple those great voices with some of the best top shelf players in the region, and at some of the best studios under the direction of some of the best producers and engineers in the region….and no doubt we’ll see several at the top of “critics” lists year end. Here’s just a handful.

The Dirty Lookers – Audio Voyeur [EP] (self) Genre/Style: rocknroll, punk, garage, rhythm & blues
Executive Producer – Kato Femmenino
Produced by – Kelly Cowan, Bill Thomas
Tracking Engineers– Bill Thomas, Kelly Cowan, Dave Fox
Mixing Engineers – JP Manza, Bill Thomas, Kelly Cowan, (Cry On) Patrick Haight
Mastering Engineer – Patrick Haight
Recorded at Alley Recording
Mixed at Colorado Sound
The Dirty Lookers are:
o Pamela Puente (vocals, guitar)
o Sara Fischer – (guitar, vocals)
o Chris Kieift – (bass, guitar, vocals)
o Gerry Feit – (drums)
Focus Tracks:
1. Whiskey, She’s A Liar
2. Cry On
3. Pretty Baby

Driftwood Fire – How to Untangle a Heartache (self)Genre/style: folk, americana, singer-songwriter, contemporary adult
Produced and engineered by John McVey at Coupe Studios, Boulder
Mastered by Dominick Maita at Air Show Mastering, Boulder
Featured musicians:
o Christian Teele (drums)
o Chris Engleman (upright bass)
o Sally Van Meter (dobro)
o Scott McCormick (accordian, piano)
o Eric Moon (piano, sound design)
o Kailin Yong (violin)
o John McVey (guitars, electric bass)
Driftwood Fire is:
o Lynn Scharf (lead vocals, background vocals, acoustic guitar)
o Charlotte Formichella (acoustic guitar, electric guitar, banjo, background vocals)
Focus tracks:
1. Small City Nights
2. Appalachian Hills
3. Paper Bag

Hazel Miller – Coming To You Live…from KUVO [EP] (self)Genre/style: adult contemporary, soul, jazz
Executive producer: Hazel Miller
Produced by Denise Gentilini and Steve Avedis
Chief Engineer @ KUVO – Mike Pappas
Asst. Engineer @ KUVO – Devin Shorb
Mixed at WOM Studios by Steve Avedis and Denise Gentilini
Mastered by Steve Sundberg, FTM Studios Lakwood CO
Featured musicians:
o Hazel Miller (vocals)
o Brian Monroney (guitar)
o Dana Marsh (piano)
o Rich Lamb (bass)
o Chris Stongle (drums)
o Tracy Busby (background vocals)
o Lori Cohen (background vocals)
o Denise Gentilini (background vocals)
Focus Tracks:
1. Time After Time
2. Spider Web
3. Moon Was Right

Jami Lunde – Big Black Birds (awnrygirl records)Genre/Style: Americana, singer/songwriter, contemporary adult
Executive producer: Scotty Anderson
Produced by Eben Grace and Jami Lunde
Recorded by
o John Macy @ Macy Sound Studios, Denver;
o Eben Grace @ North Fork Studios, Lyons;
o Greg McRae @ Coupe Studio, Boulder;
o Chris Funk @ Funk Studio, Portland OR;
o Jeff Lunde @ Elk Creek Ranch, Frasier CO
Mixed by Eben Grace and Jami Lunde @ Coupe Studio, Boulder
Mastered by Jeff Coppage, Nashville TN
Featured musicians:
o Jami Lunde (vocals, guitars)
o Eben Grace (guitars and pedal steel)
o Todd Patrick Livingston (guitars and lap steel)
o Greg McRae (guitars, organ and percussion)
o Jack Leahy (baritone guitar)
Focus tracks:
1. Some Place Tonight
2. A Little Bit Blue
3. Tupelo

Kim Jones – Lucky Girl (self)Genre/style: Singer-songwriter, contemporary adult pop, folk-rock, americana
Serviced to radio/press by Chris K. dba Rocky Mountain Music Network
Produced by Kim Jones & Colin Bricker
Recorded & mixed by Colin Bricker at Mighty Fine Productions, Denver
Mastered by Tom Capek at Colorado Sound, Denver
Featured musicians:
o Kim Jones (vocals, guitar)
o Jim Duffus (guitars, mandolin)
o Ron Bland (bass)
o Brian Mikulich (drums, percussion)
o Eric Moon (keyboards, accordion, string/horn arrangements)
o Wendy Woo (harmonies)
o Melanie Susuras (harmonies)
o Megan Burtt (harmonies)
o Glenn Taylor (pedal steel)
o Tom Hagerman (violin)
o Takanori Sugishita (violin)
o Lora Stevens (viola)
o Evan Orman (cello)
o Mark Harris (saxophones)
o Gabe Mervine (trumpet)
Focus Tracks:
1. Saying Something
2. Everything’s Frozen
3. People Are Tired

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