Biodiesel for Bands

Biodiesel for Bands is a non-profit organization that will process donated edible waste oil into top quality biodiesel. We will sell a portion of this biodiesel.

It is the mission of Biodiesel for Bands to help musicians tour more effectively and efficiently. We will provide high quality bio-diesel to local musicians and bands at a discount so that they can tour. Once we show how effective our program is in Fort Collins, we intend to expand operations around the nation, creating a network of cities that will allow bands to tour nationwide in an environmentally friendly and economically beneficial manner.

Company Overview
Biodiesel for Bands is a non-profit organization that will process donated edible waste oil into top quality biodiesel. We will sell a portion of this biodiesel to the public. We will then use the proceeds from these sales and the fuel itself to help bands tour more efficiently, economically, and with a lower carbon footprint.

Biodiesel for Bands will provide professional, clean and timely waste oil removal services for restaurants in Northern Colorado. Customer service to our donating restaurants will be our highest priority. Restaurants will receive a tax deducion for these donations. We are currently working with the City of Fort Collins and the State of Colorado to provide further incentives for restaurants that don…ate their “waste” to non-profit organizations. Restaurants that donate to BFB will also benefit from an increase in internet and social media traffic via our website, facebook and twitter feeds. They will also be helping to reduce petroleum consumption locally and helping musicians and bands to tour and return home with more money in their pockets. Bands and restaurants interested in partnering with BFB should direct their comments or questions to Eric or John at

BFB will provide high quality biodiesel to member bands at a subsidized rate. BFB will also provide technical assistance, consultation, and support for bands that are looking to purchase a touring vehicle. Some diesel vehicles are more compatible than others when it comes to using SVO and B100, so BFB will help members make good decisions when making their next vehicle purchase. For member bands …that do not own a diesel vehicle for touring, they can rent one from BFB at affordable rates. Currently, BFB has one bus that is ideal for a band and their equipment, but BFB will work to secure additional vehicles in the future. We are currently working on a membership benefits structure and will be providing more information soon.

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