Local non-profit, Musicians In Action (M.I.A.), is hosting, in conjunction with CBID (Colfax Business Improvement District) and the Upper Colfax Root 40 Music Fest and Outdoor Stage and Canned Food Drive for the homeless on Saturday 4/28/2012 in the parking lot of THE GLBT Community Center at Colfax and Lafayette. This will be an all day Music Fest from 11a-8p with bands volunteering their talent.

BANDS playing the M.I.A. Stage: NEMESYS, The Pirate Signal, MF Ruckus, Hot Apostles, Synergy, The Hits, Gription and more

There is an influx of canned food donations around Thanksgiving time. Local organizations that assist our homeless are running very low and M.I.A. would like to step up to the plate and donate.

The Gathering Place will receive the donations from this event. The Gathering Place is Denver’s only daytime drop-in center for women and children who are experiencing homelessness and poverty and provide free meals every day.

The homeless community is making the news on a regular basis, especially as of late due to the controversy of the proposed city ordinance to prohibit “urban camping” which would cause the arrest of many, simply for not having a more suitable place to sleep.

WHO Is M.I.A.? Musicians In Action (aka M.I.A.) is a Denver based nonprofit that mobilizes musicians to perform, collaborate and volunteer to help aid Colorado’s homeless population. Our Board of Directors consists of musicians and individuals passionate about making a contribution to the Denver Music Scene, as well as those concerned about philanthropic efforts for our community. We are out to raise awareness and debunk widespread myths about the homeless.

We work well with musicians because they tend to understand the plight of the homeless – many musicians themselves are “couch surfers” – sacrificing the comforts of a 9-5 job so that they can hone their craft and create freely. For that, we are of course grateful. They know what it means to stretch a dollar. We do what we can to promote and raise the visibility of the bands we work with. Showing an interest in the community helps artists and bands gain exposure. If you look at bands like The Flobots and Rise Against, you can see that they have had a great deal of success in this arena.

WHAT WE DO: The primary duties of M.I.A. involve gathering food, clothing, toiletries, diapers, linens and other needed items that are distributed to organizations in need.

You will see M.I.A. at shows across genres, working alongside artists to host “drives” for these items, as well as basic fundraising.

You will see M.I.A. volunteering at places like Senior Support Services, Urban Peak, The Empowerment Program, Joshua Station, The Gathering Place & The Colorado Coalition for the Homeless every month.

You will see M.I.A. at local high profile music events, promoting bands and raising awareness regarding the homeless.

BANDS playing the M.I.A. Stage: NEMESYS, The Pirate Signal, MF Ruckus, Hot Apostles, Synergy, The Hits, Gription and more

VITAMIN WATER will be Sponsoring and hydrating this event.

We will also have Live Artists performing and various other activities.

INFO ABOUT THE Events of the Week!/events/155391077922988/

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