Coming up Dec 29-Jan 4, I’ll be airing the BEST OF 2012 on The Colorado Sound.  From now until Dec 20, this is your chance to participate in the outcome.  The “Best Of” the year will be a chart reflecting both spins statewide and your personal votes.  After a handful of attempts to conjure up a poll that made sense to me, I’ve decided to go about this a bit differently.

The following list contains the approximately 200 album titles that I’ve followed statewide in the past year.  Obviously, there may be some crossover year to year, as is usual I think.  Releases in the month of Nov each year do get carried over.

To participate:
1.  Select your TOP 10-20 releases of the year.  (If you don’t have 10 you haven’t been paying attention to what’s up in the scene)
2.  Rank those releases high to low from 1-20 (10 minimum).
3. Email me your list to

There are likely to be some records NOT on this list.  If you think of one that is deserving of your vote, go ahead and write it into your list.  Remember, these are, by and large, records that got SOME airplay in the past year… but no list is perfect and I may have missed a few.

A note of encouragement … visit the band websites, bandcamp, reverbnation, facebook, pages etc … and when you find records you really like, please support the artist by buying a copy for someone you treasure this season 🙂

4H Royalty – Where UFOs Go To Die
A Mouthful of Thunder – Slow Burn
A Shoreline Dream – “333”
Achille Lauro – Flight or Flight
After Midnight – Hit the Jive Jack
Air Dubai – Be Calm
Amazing Twin – Grown Alone
Andy Ard – How Easy It Is
Andy Flattery & the Afternoons – Night Run EP
Andy Palmer – On the Road to Crazy
Andy Thorn – Fire In The Sky
Anthony Ruptak – Red Mark
Arliss Nancy – Simple Machines
Ashley Raines & the New West Revue – One Trick Mule
Audi Y Zentimiento – Donde Andaras
The Autumn Film – 8 Track Tape
The Babysitters – Have A Seat
Bad Weather California – Sunkissed
Ben Haugland – Point of No Return
Ben Markley – Shadow Valley
Better Than Bacon – Better Than Bacon
Black Postcards – Inception
Blackout Beat Production Company – The Circus House
The Blender Cats – Just Like This
The Blue Rider – Way Out West
Bonnie & The Clydes – Wrong Side Up
Bonnie and the Beard – Bonnie & the Beard
Bonnie and the Beard – Cascavel
Bop Skizzum – Coloradical
Breathe Carolina – Hell Is What You Make It
Broken Tongues – Crooked Skyline
Bronze – Snake Oil
Carbon Choir – Sakhalin
Catch Bees – Newman’s Open Choir
Charlotte Sass – Lighter Things
Chimney Choir – (ladder)
Chris Daniels – Better Days
Chris Griffin – Now
Chris Kennison – Simply Steel
Chris Malley and Bob Schlesinger – Split Shot
Chris McGarry – Bare Bright Halos
Chris Thompson & Coral Creek String Band – Forty Years
Churchill – The Change EP
Coles Whalen – I Wrote this for You
The Congress – Whatever You Want
Coupstick – Light’s Shadow
The Crags – Big Divide
Craig Corona – About Time
Danielle Ate The Sandwich – {like a king}
Darryl Purpose – Next Time Around
Dave Richey & Ruined Nation – No Peace of Mind
Dave Sonner – the American Campus
Delta Sonics – Live at Lincoln’s
Dressy Bessy – Summer Singles Volume 1
Ebeniezer & Crooked Hookers – Crooked Hookers
Eef – Bluesalicious
Ending People – Fill Your Lungs
The Epilogues – Cinematics
Eric Gunnison – Trios
Esme Patterson – All Princes, I
Euforquestra – Let Us In
FaceMan – Feeding Time
Fierce Bad Rabbit – Live and Learn
Fingers of the Sun – Sleepy Time EP
Flashbulb Fires – Gasconader
Flobots – The Circle In the Square
Foam Bullets – Looking Out for No. 1
The Fray – Scars and Stories
Fred Hess BIG BAND- Speak
Free Bear – Free Bear
Fresh Jefferson – Soulhawke
Full Belly – New Voice
Galaxies – Letters from Sea
Gasoline Lollipops – Dawn
Georgann Low – Les Progres De L’Amour (Seasons Of Love)
Ghost In the Machine – Reply Hazy
The Ghost of Joseph Buck – The Ghost of Joseph Buck [EP]
Glowing House – Days Run Out
GoldMetalSleeper – S/T
Grant Farm – The Grant Farm
Grass It Up – Alabama Tory
Green River Vibe – Sun Comes Up
Greyweather – Greyweather
Gun Street Ghost – One Home
Halden Wofford & the Hi*Beams – Live at Hodi’s
Harry Tuft & Friends – Treasures Untold
The Haunted Windchimes – Out with the Crow
Head for the Hills – Live
Hindershot – Curse Us All
I’m With Her – Songs We Said Goodbye To
In the Whale – Cake
Instant Empire – Heavy Hollow
Instant Empire – Instant Empire
J. Miller Band – The Road to Elvado
JD Feighner – JD Feighner [EP]
Jeff Brinkman – Strange
Jeff Finlin – Live Songs for the Ice Age
The Jekylls – The Sweet Factory
Joe Sampson – Kill Our Friends
John Oates Band (CC) – The Bluesville Sessions
John Statz – Old Fashioned
Johnny Hickman – Tilting
Jon Boland – Lightening In the Wires
Jonny Barber & the Rhythm Razors – Golden Plates
Josh Quinlin Quintet – Mountain Time Standards
Julie Monley Quartet – Straight Up Jazz
Kathryn Mostow – Rich Girl
Katie Glassman – Snapshot
Katie Herzig – The Waking Sleep
Katya Chorover – Big Big Love
Kissing Party – The Hate Album
The Knew – Man Monster
Le Divorce – The Sting and the Light
Leftover Salmon – Aquatic Hitchhiker
Leslie Brown – Tenderly
Lifeboat Etiquette – Saboteur
Lindsay & the Lost Caravan – You Don’t Know Me
Lizzie Huffman – Pretty Old Soul
Longest Day of the Year – Turn Into the Ground
The Lumineers – The Lumineers
Mama Lenny & the Remedy – Punches and Hugs
Mango fan Django – Indigo Dreams
Matt Smiley – Quartet Art
Medic – Grace and Gravity
Meet the Giant – The Polymer EP
Megan Redmond – Dreamland
Mesita – The Coyote
Metropolitan Jazz Orchestra – Sharks & Manatees
Mike Marchant – Lost and Found Sound (2008-2011)
The Moetones – Lowbrow
Molina w/ Diles – Name and Town
Monkey Paw Finger – Smokin Banana
Monroe Monroe – Hello Moon
Moors & McCumber – Gravity
Mosey West – Merica
Mr. Anonymous – Champion Sound
Muskeeteer Gripweed – Staight Razor Revival
New Ben Franklins – [peter gabriel]
Oak Creek Band – Oak Creek Band [EP]
Oakhurst – Barrel [EP]
O’Brien Party of 7 (CC) – Reincarnation, The Songs of Roger Miller
Octopus Nebula – Through the Next Door
Offbeat Revolution – All Around
Olivia Rudeen – S/T [EP]
Otis Taylor – Otis Taylor’s Contraband
Overcasters – Curses/Prayers
Patrick Dethlefs – Fall & Rise
Pina Chulada – Pina Chulada/King Mob Split
Places – No More Wasted Days
The Pretty Sure – Subtle Sabotage
Prettymouth – Satan in Clothes
Rachel James – Not Giving Up [EP]
Raincheck – Raincheck
Rebel Tongue – Movin’ On
Reverend Hooch – Reverend Hooch
Rich With Friends – One Step Closer
Rick Stahl – Harmony House
Rob Drabkin – Rob Drabkin Live
Robert Cline, Jr. – All the Right Reasons
Robert Wilson Blues Band – 45 RPM
Ronnie Shellist – Trust Is Gone
Rosewood Divine – Rosewood Divine
The Royal – Forever
Russ Hopkins – Space Junk Motel
Ryan Dart – The Shift
Safe Boating Is No Accident – Live Without Dead Time
Sam Lee – Better Half
Saturn Cowboys – Follow the Light to the West
The Say So – The Romantic
School Knights – FRE(EP)
Science Partner – Rocky Mountain News
Shawn Waggoner – Goodbye Raven
Shirley – From A Bright Clearing
SLP (Sarah Louise Pieplow) – Widow’s Daughter
Sofie Reed – Simplicity Chased Trouble Away
SoundRabbit – Don’t Forget to Remember
Spires – S/T [EP]
Stella Luce – Resurrection
Steve Law – Balance
Strange Americans – A Royal Battle
Stray Grass – Written in the Stars
Strip the Stars – S/T [EP]
Stuart Davis – Music For Mortals
SuCh (Su Charles) – Stretch Marks
Susannah Thompson – Watch Me Fly
The Swayback – Double Four Time
Swing Hero – Swing Hero
Taylor Scott & Another Kind Of Magick – Back To Beale Live
Ten Pound Elephant – S/T [EP]
Tennis – Young & Old
Tia Fuller (CC) – Angelic Warrior
Tin Horn Prayer – Grapple the Rails
Trichome – Trichome [EP]
Turn 4 – What You Do About It
Varlet – The Drifter
Vices I Admire – Venom & Pride
Wasteland Hop – Mother Acre
Wheelchair Sports Camp – Where We All Live
Words in Flight – Music Is…
Wovenhand – The Laughing Stalk
The Yawpers – Capon Crusade
Zach Heckendorf – The Cool Down

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16 thoughts on “RECORD OF THE YEAR NOMINEES 2012”

    1. Another great record from 2012 was ‘Winter Harvest’ from Matt Flinner, Ross Martin and Eric Thorin. Don’t see it on your list though. Should be.

  1. Terri and Gerardo
    Turn Into the Ground- The Longest Day of the Year
    Great song writing, unique sound, FUN

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