The Colorado Sound – V4 EP46 Dec 2012

First week of December … just a couple of new cuts this week … Lion Drome and Briffault got me new tracks in time for this week’s show … and I got a cut deeper into new Wovenhand and Tyler Ward releases.  The video feed this week is 9 songs, about 40 mins (give or take), and features a sample of the new Lion Drome, along with Tennis, Tin Horn Prayer, Sixteen Horsepower, Wovenhand, Slim Cessna’s Auto Club Live at OpenAir 1340, The Astronauts, Bad Weather California, and Tyler Ward.  Enjoy 🙂



Flash Cadillac “Hot Summer Girls” from Sons of the Beaches (1975)
Firefall “Livin’ Ain’t Livin’” from Firefall (1976)
(D) Lion Drome “Curve of the Earth” from Curve of the Earth (2013)
Swing Hero “Basement” from Swing Hero (2012)
Places “Doesn’t Matter What I Say” from No More Wasted Days (2012)
Eef “I Ain’t Gonna Wait Forever” from Bluesalicious (2012)
Bonnie and The Clydes “Feel The Wheels Turn” from Wrong Side Up (2012)
The Gromet “Skip Your Stone” from Barren (2013)
Love.45 “Super Hero” from Love.45 (1999)
(D) Briffault “Wood and Stoney Oceans” from Wood and Stoney Oceans (2013)
Tennis “High Road” from Young and Old (2012)
Tin Horn Prayer “All’s Well That Ends Well” from Grapple the Rails (2012)
The Swayback “Double Four Time” from Double Four Time (2012)
Ben Haugland “Point of No Return” from The Point Of No Return (2012)
Sixteen Horsepower “Single Girl” from Folklore (2002)
(N) Wovenhand “King O King” from Laughing Stalk (2012)
Slim Cessna’s Auto Club “No Doubt About It” from Unentitled (2011)
The Knew “Major Nights” from Man Monster (2012)
In The Whale “Shall Not Be Moved” from Cake (2012)
El Toro de la Muerte “God Alone” from Dancer These Days (2011)
(D) Taarka “Wandering” from Adventures in Vagabondia (2013)
Susannah Thompson “Geddy Song” from Watch Me Fly (2012)
The Astronauts “Baja” from Movin’ (American Surf and Sand Album) (2011)
Bad Weather California “I’ll Reach Out My Hand” from Sunkissed (2012)
Oak Creek Band “2012 (Quetzalcoatl)” from 2012 (Quetzalcoatl) (2012)
Fierce Bad Rabbit “Hard to Say” from Spools of Thread (2010)
(N) Tyler Ward “Keeping Secrets” from Hello. Love. Heartbreak (2012)
Adam Stern “Alchemical Rooms” from Twang Shui (2009)

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I've been on the air in Northern Colorado since 1978. The Colorado Playlist is broadcast on 30 FM frequencies in the state. I am also a musician, talent buyer and business consultant. Email me at

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