The Colorado Sound – S7 EP1 2013

Welcome to 2013.  You may notice a change in the header for the show.  The Colorado Sound made its debut in 2006.  2013 makes Season 7 of the show (S7).  2013 also marks the 4th year now for the blog (V4).

The best two months for the blog were January 2011, and December 2012 when there were roughly 1900 unique views in each month.  On average, this blog receives 42 unique page views a day – or about 1200 a month, give or take.

I have no real good way of measuring the on air reach of the program, except in general terms.  It’s reasonable that the show is heard by many hundreds of listeners weekly

One or both hours of the show currently airs on
(Fort Collins) … Saturday night/8PM .. FC is the largest market with reach that extends into parts of the Denver/Boulder area.
KDNK (Carbondale) – which has multiple translators, and is heard in Glenwood Springs, Leadville, and Aspen on Thursday morning at 1AM
KOTO (Telluride) – which has two or three translators.  Hour 2 of the show is heard in prime time / 11AM / on a Thursday morning – a highly coveted slot.
KWMV-LPFM (Westcliffe) – which has the most limited reach being an LP (low power) station and being in the least populated area the show is broadcast in.  The show is heard on three days of the week – with HR 1 on Tues, HR2 on Wed, then both hours on Friday evening at 6PM.
The Fever, KFVR, in Pueblo on a classic rock station on a Friday night at 8PM. – Mondays at 4PM – the only pure play Internet station the show appears on.
KVNF (Paonia) – COMING FEBRUARY 2013 – station has multiple translators …

In 2012 I also started The Colorado Sound video channel at  So as often as I find new videos I’ll post a new playlist … or feature videos from new cuts being featured in the show that week.  Also, I use Spotify and Bandcamp to provide embedded music

(D) = new album debut/first time a cut from this album/ep has been aired
(N) = new song debut from previously debuted album/ep

PLAYLIST – S7 EP1 Jan 2013

John Denver “Back Home Again” from The Essential John Denver (2007)
(D) The Beautiful Loser Society “Long Lost Friend” from The Desperate Promenade (2013)
Gromet “Skip Your Stone” from Barren (2013)
The Jekylls “Where Were You” from The Sweet Factory (2012)
Rob Drabkin “She Comes and Goes” from On These Heavy Feet (2009)
Monroe Monroe “The Salesman” from Interiors (2013)
My Body Sings Electric “Oceancrest” from Oceancrest (2013)
The Apples in Stereo “Same Old Drag” from New Magnetic Wonder (2007)
Whiskey Blanket “Up Up Away” from No Object (2010)
Mesita “The Coyotes” from The Coyote (2012)
(D) Joe Johnson “Coyotes” from A Cold Christmas Moon (2013)
You Me and Apollo “Before I Die” from You Me and Apollo (2013)
(N) Esme Patterson “Jessica” from All Princes, I (2012)
Shirley “4th of July” from From A Bright Clearing (2012)
Chris Daniels & the Kings “The Spark” from The Spark (2005)
John Common and Blinding Flashes of Light “Same Scar” from Beautiful Empty (2011)
(D) Fierce Bad Rabbit “Time Machine” from Maestro & the Elephant (2013)

Ending People “Amazing Grace” from Fill Your Lungs (2012)
Jeff Brinkman “Face” from Strange (2012)
Le Divorce “Under the Boxcars” from The Sting and The Light (2011)
Rose Hill Drive “Cool Cody” from Rose Hill Drive (2006)
Yawpers “Rock Bottom” from Capon Crusade (2012)
Beats Noir! “Where the Sun Goes Down” from Where the Sun Goes Down (2013)
I’m With Her “Good, Bad and My Mistakes” from Songs We Said Goodbye To (2013)
Halden Wofford & the Hi Beams “Hippie In My House” from Midnight Rodeo (2006)
Lionel Young Band “I Feel So Good” from On Our Way to Memphis (2011)
(D) Manny Lopez Trio “Samba Grubinho” from Searching Out (2013)

Author: goat

I've been on the air in Northern Colorado since 1978. The Colorado Playlist is broadcast on 30 FM frequencies in the state. I am also a musician, talent buyer and business consultant. Email me at

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