The Colorado Sound S7/EP09 March 2013

grizzly goat adamsI don’t mind snow … I really don’t.  Gives me an excuse to sit and listen to music all day, without having to worry about much more than … well …listening to music … gee … LOL.  The show never really ends; it just only gets produced and recorded once a week.  Check out the Ben Hanna track below.  It’s pretty funny stuff he’s got on his debut, We Were All Like Whatever.

So far today I’ve listened to the upcoming EP from Andy Hackbarth called Treadmill Horses.  I would imagine radio and press will be getting this disc at the very beginning of April.  Very strong AAA/indie appeal I think.  Some folks are going to be pleasantly surprised at some of the stylistic advances Mr Hackbarth and company have conjured.

Next up was the upcoming new release from Andy Palmer, called Hazard of the Die.  I played a cut last week from this one … Andy went out to LA to record this time, and it shows.  If Hazard of the Die makes its way to the RMMN reporting stations, it would find some fans I’m sure.

I’m also working on radio/press one-sheets for new releases by Dennis Wanebo and Bad Brad & the Fat Cats.  Radio/press should get it all at the end of this next week.

Sorry … no video this week.


Big Head Todd & The Monsters “The Leaving Song” from Midnight Radio (1990)
Sherri Jackson “Maple Tree” from Sherri Jackson (1997)
Bad Brad & the Fat Cats “Thunder On The Mountain” from Eyes on the Prize (2013)
Ryan Chrys “The Road Never Ends” from A Lick & A Promise (2013)
Patti Fiasco “Nobody’s Girl” from The Patti Fiasco (2011)
(N) The Uncommoners “Our Eyes” from Time and Other Tricks (2013)
SHEL “The Battle of Evermore” from SHEL (2012)
the Haunted Windchimes “Wanderin’ Heart” from Out With The Crow (2012)
Houses “Me & Mr Kelly” from Summer (2009)
Mike Clark & the Sugar Sounds “Summer Girls” from Round and Round (2013)
(D) Willie Houston “Sallie Mae” from Willie Houston Live @ Ziggies (2013)
Ron Miles, Bill Frisell, Brian Blade “Rudy-Go-Round” from Quiver (2012)
Fourth Estate “Reflections” from Finesse And Fury (1992)
Dave Beegle “Ecstatico” from Beyond the Desert (2003)
(D) Smythe & Taylor “Missing You” from These Rosita Hills (2012)
Katey Laurel “Everything I Love” from From Here (2011)
the Gromet “Skip Your Stone” from Barren (2013)
(D) KING “Need A Woman by Friday (feat. Trombone Shorty)” [single]
Rachel & the Kings “I Know What You’re Made Of…” from Tonic (2013)
(N) Meniskus “Can’t Remember” from Stowaway (2013)
A Boy and His Kite “You Want It, You Got It” from A Boy and His Kite (2012)
Instant Empire “Keep Up!” from Keep Up! (2013)
(D) Ben Hanna “I Wish We Were Just Beginning It” from We Were All Like Whatever (2013)
Halden Wofford & the Hi Beams “Just Don’t Care” from Live @ Hodis (2012)
(D) Brad Goode “St. Louis Blues” from Chicago Red (2013)

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