EDIT:  SAT DEC 21, 2013 — POLLS CLOSED.  TOP 5 samples reset in order of voting.

This recognition is for female vocal performance of a song.  Here are 30 second samples of the songs that earned the nomination.

Congrats to the incredible fans of these women in Colorado music.  We set all time single day visits to this site BECAUSE of how they mobilized to vote for their favorites … astonishing.  Thank you.  This was fun 🙂

1.  SuCh – Sugar Maple 

2. Katey Laurel – Hurricane 

3. Wendy Woo – Hold On 

4. Selina Albright – Brighter 

5. Beki Hemingway – Lay It Down 



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Only those records released between November 1, 2012 and October 30, 2013 are considered “current” 2013 releases for the purpose of this poll, and the end of year charts.  

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