The Colorado Sound Live365 – NEW ADDS MARCH 9, 2014


(A) = mornings 6A-11A,
(P) = afternoons 1P-5:30P
(N) = nights 5:30P-8:00P & overnights 10P-6A
(TOP 40) = Mon-Fri 11AM-1PM, 3:30-5:30PM, 8-10PM
Weekend mixes = a little more classic during the day, a little more edge at night.

Big Gigantic – The Night Is Young (feat. Cherub) (N)
Blind Tomorrow – Let Me Be (N)
Dragondeer – Castaway (P, N)
Highway 50 – Monday Morning (A, P)
Ryan D White – Rocketship (P, N)
Strolling Scones – Sailor’s Song (A, P)
Young Ancients – Live A Little (A, P)


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