The Colorado Sound S8|EP39 2014

Chris K profile pic Oct 2014It’s really hard to write and watch the Broncos … lol.  Okay.  They won.  So, we lost a station.  Seems KFVR, The Fever, in Pueblo is gone.  That’s it …they just disappeared.  Time to lobby Colorado Springs to get the show on in SoCO.  Would love it if KRCC picked up the show.  Congrats to my friend, Greta Cornett, who passed a few dozen worthy candidates to become the new marketing director at the Fox and Boulder theaters.  For those who don’t know Greta – she was the founder of the Fort Collins Musician Association (FOCOMA), the talent buyer at Road34 for a few years, and a member of three of NoCO’s top bands over the past decade, Mama Lenny & the Remedy, the 3 Twins Broadband, and 12 Cents for Marvin.  She most recently married Dayton Hicks, the bassist for the fabulous Fierce Bad Rabbit.

A few new music shares this week from Strange Americans, Lion Drome, and Paa Kow.  If you’re a fan of the Epilogues, the Lion Drome cut features Chris Heckman on vocals.  Lion Drome is former thrash/shed guitarist Mike Lopez from Loveland, produced by legendary NoCO guitarist and record producer Dave Beegle… turning up the 90s alt-rock/U2 vibe.


No new videos came to my attention the past couple of weeks, so I tweaked The Colorado Sound TV.  Check out the playlist … hope you’ll view a few videos.



Leftover Salmon “Lines Around Your Eyes” from The Nashville Sessions (1999)
Slim Cessna’s Auto Club “Limon” from Slim Cessna’s Auto Club (1995)
(N) Strange Americans “Aggro” from That Kind of Luster (2014) Grant Sabin “Letter To An Old Mirror” from Anthromusicology (2013)
(N) Kyle Hollingsworth “Beautiful People” from Speed of Life (2014)
(N) Nina Storey “Strangely Optimistic” from Think Twice (2013)
SHEL “Freckles” from SHEL (2012)
(N) Lion Drome “The Nite Is On (feat. Chris Heckman)” from Curve of the Earth (2014) Leash of Foxes “It Sounds Like This” from It Sounds Like This (2014)
Railbenders “Drive Away” from Like A Wheel (2009)
Bonnie and The Clydes “Song for You” from Music For People (2014)
Analog Son “The Game” from Analog Son (2014)


Dan Fogelberg “Full Circle” from Full Circle (2003)
Firefall “Winds of Change” from Elan (1978)
Big Head Todd & The Monsters “Josephina” from Black Beehive (2014)
John Oates “Stone Cold Love” from Good Road to Follow (2014)
OneRepublic “Counting Stars” from Native (2013)
(D) Quemando “City Nights” from Paradise (2014)
(N) Paa Kow “Fakye Me” from Ask (2014) Richie Furay “I Still Have Dreams” from I Still Have Dreams (1979)
Poco “C’Mon” from Deliverin’ (1971)
Mike Clark & the Sugar Sounds “Summer Girls” from Round and Round (2013)
Peter Sommer “Looks Like This” from Tremolo Canteen (2010)

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I've been on the air in Northern Colorado since 1978. The Colorado Playlist is broadcast on 30 FM frequencies in the state. I am also a musician, talent buyer and business consultant. Email me at

One thought on “The Colorado Sound S8|EP39 2014”

  1. Just an edit or two on the Lion Drome info: “shred” guitarist and I am from Fort Collins. Thanks so much Chris for featuring the track “Nite is On”. Awesome! I’m currently in the midst of putting a live element together. Auditioning drummers this Saturday. Hopefully LD live in ’15! – Mike Lopez

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