The Colorado Sound S9|EP12 MARCH 2015

There are days when all you can do is laugh to keep from crying.  Right?  LOL.  Last Sunday it was an ER trip due to a “fainting” spell.  Last Monday it was an ER trip due to me taking a header off my bicycle.  The bike and I are on a bit of a respite until my physical therapist clears me to ride again.

What saved the week, and took my mind off my sorely sprained rib muscles was the 5 hours I spent with my friend Hazel Miller, who will be April’s featured guest on Offstage …Beyond the Music – and then dinner and some honky tonk with Casey Prestwood & the Burning Angels at the Park House in Denver – John Macy, this month’s OSBTM guest on pedal steel of course.

Hazel is a vibrant, funny, passionate, and compassionate soul with a heart big enough to cover all of us in her love.  2015 marks Hazel’s 30th year of making music in Colorado and over 20 years as a de facto member of Big Head Todd and the Monsters.  That’s one hell of a legacy … and with a new album on the way before year’s end and a lot of shows it’s going to be a great year for one of our most beloved entertainers (and friends). Editing down that 5 hours is going to be a chore, I swear.


For all the talk around the scene that the sisters have plugged in and added some “snap crackle and pop” to their sound, they give us one of the finest acoustic cuts of their career.


The Czars “Paint the Moon” from Goodbye (2004)
Reed Foehl “When It Comes Around” from Spark (2004)
Cary Morin “Tiny Town” from Tiny Town (2015)
Todd Adelman “Long Arm of the Law” from Highways & Lowways (2015)
OneRepublic “Something I Need” from Native (2013)
Megan Burtt “Better (w/the Epilogues)” from In Good Company (2013)
Mercury Project “On to You” from on to you (2007)
Esme Patterson “Tumbleweed” from Woman To Woman (2014)
Petals of Spain “I Gotta Know” from Soul Canon (2013)
The Apples in Stereo “Stephen Stephen” from Electronic Projects for Musicians (2008)
The River Arkansas “A Place to Rest” from Golden Light (2015)The Mitguards “Lookin’ for Something True” from Something True (2009)
Haunted Windchimes “Wanderin’ Heart” from Out With The Crow (2012)
Bill Frisell “Telstar” from Guitar In the Space Age (2014)


Rare Silk “Up From the Skies” from American Eyes (1985)
The Samples “My Town” from Samples (1990)
(D) Fox St. “Something About You” [single] (2015)Leftover Salmon “Bluegrass Pines” from High Country (2015)
Michael Martin Murphey “Wildfire” from Blue Sky Night Thunder (1975)
Jon Chandler “I’m Going Home” from Sepia Soul (2002)
(D) SHEL “Please Come Home” from The Lab Sessions (2015)
(D) Toad In the Hole “Drifting” from Wallflower (2015)Peter Sommer “The Fruit” from Crossroads (2008)

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